Oct 30, 2007


It's been 7 years since I've been to London. It's been a nice trip so far. I'm so glad that I've been here before because I don't feel the pressure of having to "see everything" and I can just take the time doing the things I enjoy. Enjoy the pics...planning to go to Paris/Rome at the end of the week. :)
The Rail
London's got curves...
Piccadilly! (A group of strangers got picked for a picture for a University article focusing on London's diversity. I don't even live here, lol!)

Me looking like a dork!

Big Ben...sprouting from my head.

London by night...looking through the EYE

Oct 23, 2007


My cousin, looking like MJ.

At the scene of the crime...

Ralph...aka Rap
Brianna the gymnast...

"We eat what we like!" (Anybody remember that?)

Brianna, playing Guitar Hero. I wont tell you which song.

Ikea Is Here!

I am now almost complete. :)

I don't agree with their current slogan which says "Life Happens On The Sofa". I think that's very TMI.

I got these magazine holders to organize all my work crap:It helped A LOT.
I'm going to label them with my label maker later. I'm such a dork!

Oct 13, 2007

Old Dirty Jersey

Friday I was stuck in an airport...due to LGA being backed up big time. It was alright, I spent most of the time on the phone and I grabbed some food. It was good to see my cousin from the Philippines, and now I'm in NJ spending time with my little cousins. I'm the oldest of course, then there's Gaelle who's still in the Philippines, then Ralph, then Saskia, then Nicki and Briana. We're going to take pics tomorrow since it's the first time all 5 of us are together. Too bad Gaelle isn't here.

So I'm having a pretty good time. OH! I forgot to mention that everything's going well, despite my aunt's car being broken into Saturday morning. I went to pick up the car and gasped at seeing the window smashed open - it was because I put my GPS suction thingy in the window, can you believe it? Gotta love New York City....sigh....

I've been having a blast on Skype, seeing family in Norway, and seeing Ant in London, and friends in Costa Rica. I can't believe it's free and can't believe I'm only getting started now. It's so much fun...I've encouraged Gata to get into it, only because I can show her my cats from time to time - I know she'd appreciate that. Lol. E-mail me if you want my Skype name.

Brr, it's chilli now! Im acclimated to warm weather. I'll be fine though...

Has anyone played Guitar Hero II on Playstation? It's really fun! My little cousins know a lot of words to some head banging songs...it's a little scary. Anyway, I'll add pics later.

Oct 1, 2007

September Just FLEW By....

I just realized I didn't post anything since August. I meant to...I was just wrapped up. So busy that I don't even have time to think about what to write...

Just busy with work and getting organized at home. I found an awesome massage place, that's practically on my way home from work. I did a 30 minute session today just on my back alone. My muscles are so tight. It felt so good. She did this compression thing, and my back cracked a lot. Must have needed an adjustment. I went to dinner at this couple's house...it was so good and the almond coconut cup cake was just amazing. Then I picked up an air filter for my air conditioning system. I bought a lavender scented gel thingy to attach to it, so the air smells like lavender when the air is running. Aromatherapy.

I'm coming to NY soon. Again. I love going to NY...except it's cooler now. Hope it's not too bad. I've adjusted to a warmer climate. I'm going to see my cousins. This is strictly a family visit. :)

I recently ordered some supplements from Juice PLUS which is fruits & vegetables in a capsule since we don't eat enough daily. I don't know if it's a faze, but a lot of people are getting into it. It's mainly because people are into health and wellness like never before.

Anyway, ttyl.