Dec 29, 2010

Purchase Reviews!

Just wanted to post a mini review on the items I bought recently...some of you wanted updates. Well here it is! I'll go in order.

The Good: Like I mentioned before, the mascara alone is $20, so you are getting a bargain by buying this set. I am completely and utterly in love with the mascara! It is my favorite item in the whole set! I am hooked, and can see myself tossing all my drugstore mascaras out the window! Only bad thing is, it dries rather quckly.  GRRR.... I was pleasantly surprised by the pink cheek tint...I thought it wouldn't go well with my skin tone, and it gave a nice warm pink flush. I would say it's pretty safe for most skin tones! The waterproof clay shadow/liner is just top of the line quality. It glides on your lids and is just the richest darkest black...with my makeup skills, I'm probably not doing it justice! The brush to apply the liner is decent, although I prefer the angled kind, like pictured here. The eyeshadow duo goes on smooth, it's PERFECT for everyday's very subtle, I would have liked a shadow duo with a bit more oomph myself.

The Bad: There's not much bad in this set, besides the pink cheek tint and the clay liner not being full size, but I could live with that. They make good travel companions!

Final word: The mascara alone makes this set worth it, so if you're interested in getting a few good quality additions to your make up collection, buy it!

The Good: Has a clean scent! Literally MELTS into your skin. This is the lightest moisturizer I've tried that does the trick. Perfect for warmer climates. It's also full of antioxidants and wrinkle fighters as also mildly exfoliates. It's made without sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes and Petrochemicals. I don't know what Petrochemicals are, but I certainly don't want them in my beauty products!

The Bad: A bit pricey. Doesn't contain SPF. But there's hope! (Get it?) They make one that has 25 SPF, and that will be my next purchase. (Right now I'm using it as my night cream).

Final Word: If you don't mind splurging on skin care, this is a definite must. If you like light creams, you will definitely like if not love this product.

My Shoe Dazzle Membership

The last pair I bought from them was this one: Maureen

I didn't like the shoe. I LOVED IT. It was comfortable, not too high and got mega compliments. Now a lot of people don't know how this shoe club works. In fact I was so hesitant to join that it took me a few months before I actually did. Let me just clear up the myths. First of all, you don't pay a monthly fee. How it works is, you create your shoe profile by selecting a bunch of shoes you like. Then their "stylists" send their top 5 shoes that they think you will like. At the beginning of every month, you will get an email telling you your showroom is ready. You now have a few days to visit your showroom - you either see something you like and buy, or simply say "Skip This Month". If you buy something, you pay $39.99 including shipping and you get it in a few business days. If you skip the month, you don't get charged at all. What happens if you forgot to "skip"? Then you get charged $39.99 and it is kept as a credit towards a future purchase. But I haven't had any problems forgetting to check out my selection.

The Good: You can always find coupon codes online taking a certain percentage off your purchase! Last pair I spent $33 including shipping and it was so worth it. Another bonus is buying BOOTS on this site. You get your money's worth buying cute synthetic boots - so stylish yet inexpensive. Shoe Dazzle has certainly vamped up my shoe collection, gave me more incentive to dress up when I go out because you now have a killer new pair of shoes to pair with those skinny jeans. :)

The Bad: If you're real forgetful and not on top of your emails, you could forget to check your showroom and get credits stacking up on your account.

That's all I have for reviews right now, stay tuned for my next post which will be on my favorite drugstore items! I am a self-proclaimed drugstore whore!

Dec 6, 2010

The Shopping Bug

Now, I've been feeling the travel bug...but since I know that I won't be going anywhere anytime soon (for obvious reasons) I've put that little bugger to rest. I've been hit with a different type of bug, and this one I have to keep feeding to quell. It's the shopping bug!

Maybe it's because it's close to Xmas time, and all those adverts are up. Maybe it's the good deals they advertise...or maybe I simply haven't been shopping in a while and need to get it out of my system! The other night as I was about to go to bed, I was flipping channels and QVC was on. On it they were advertising this 4 piece make up set by Tarte. Immediately my eyes were glued, as I love make up, especially good quality make up. Then they used some magic words: "Natural ingredients". Uh oh, I'm in trouble. I watched in awe as they took this girl's lashes and made them POP with their mascara. The beige and taupe eyeshadow included in the kit is a staple item! It also comes with a clay liner, and I've already been accustomed to applying eye liner with a brush. The well-acclaimed cheek stain in the kit gave the model a rosy glow. The entire kit was just $29 bucks. I went to and saw the mascara alone costs $20. Ah that's exactly what I was looking for! Justification! Then they were on to the next thing, which was "Hope in a Jar" moisturizer by Philosophy. As they rambled on about the benefits, I thought to myself that I've always wanted to try Philosophy products. The more they talked about it, the more I was sold. It took all the willpower I had to shut the TV off and go to sleep. That's why it sucks having at TV in your bedroom.

In the morning, those products were the first thing that popped into my mind. I let the day progress, and finally I buckled down. Darn you QVC!!! I Ordered the Tarte Amazonian Clay 4 piece set at and got myself a 2 oz jar of "Hope in a Jar" from eBay. It was, after all one of Oprah's favorite things.

The shopping, well, it didn't stop there. Unfortunately, I get emails from, and I saw a pair that caught my eye since I was looking for a good pair of beige shoes. This one had a 2.75" heel that was faux-python. I was in I just had to get it. After telling a few people about it, they warned me - "Don't buy shoes now, you're feet are going to swell and you may even grow a size" Eek! I sorta knew that in the back of my mind but wanted to ignore it. If I ignore that once fact, maybe it won't happen to me! I'm already a size 9 for goodness sake, I can't imagine even getting bigger! If I have to resort to wrapping my foot like the Asians did in the past, I'll do it! Let me search for "foot wrapping" on YouTube, I'm sure someone has a video out there!

I think I awakened the beast. Instead of buying a few items to feed this little critter, I'm looking for more opportunities to buy! "I haven't bought a nice pair of designer sunglasses in a while" I thought to myself. NO NO NO! Bad! I'm just simply going to have to be patient, wait for my packages arrive and enjoy each of the 3 things I bought. I'm going to be good until January...hopefully!

It's Been 7 Hours and 15 Days...

Well, not really. It's actually been 1 year, 4 months and 2 days since my last blog post. Talk about a leave of absence! Lately I've felt the urge to write...but instead of writing of recent travels or experiences, I'll write about something near and dear to my heart: Shopping!