Apr 16, 2009

This Blog Is Suffering - Confessions of a FB Addict

Yeah, this blog is not updated on a regular basis since my life has been taken over by FB...I apologize! But who can resist a site which instantly and constantly reports what your friends (and frenemies - come on, we've all got them) are doing - what pictures they're posting, who's pic's they're commenting on...and OOH! The quizzes!! And games...it's never ending.

Of course, not all of us are addicted, some know how to give it it's proper place...but for the most part, I find myself checking it on a regular basis. Probably a lot more than I should. And we get to post pretentious pics of ourselves and our friends too! Make status updates since everyone cares about our wonderful lives...and get little ego boosts from friends rewarding us on our wittiness by clicking on that new added feature the "like" link. :) And when we upload an album of pics, BOOM - comments flood in...how exciting! LOL...Ah technology. How crazy is it, that life was SO different 10-15 years ago?

Lately, I started playing Pet Society, in which you create a pet, then earn money to buy clothes and furniture and you can decorate your house. Funny, it's just a simple game imitating life yet it manages to keep us entertained...that is, until the next new popular game arrives.

Since I work for myself (right now at least) I don't have to worry about what I do on my computer. I sort of feel bad for the people who have to be careful at work...if I were at an office, I probably would be doing the same! Doesn't mean I still have to watch my time though...it cuts into productivity...but I can't bring myself to not check during the daytime "work" hours. It's hard because, we never have enough time as it is, so add FB to the mix and it spells disaster. I joked about a friend that our evening goes like this:

Turn washing machine on ::FB:: Put clothes in ::FB:: Turn stove on ::FB:: Put food in pan ::FB:: Put clothes in dryer ::FB:: Eat ::FB:: Wash dishes ::FB:: Fold Clothes ::FB::

If you're not careful, it can suck up a lot of time, so sometimes you just gotta turn off the computer! Sometimes it's reasonable...like when you are taking a break. For instance, I washed and mini-detailed my car. I needed a break so...FB! (Right now I actually have to start cleaning my bathroom...it's getting late so it may just be a mini-detail thing like what I did with my car, but it will have to do).

Speaking of productivity...my next blog post will be about my iTouch ipod (basically like an iPhone, but w/o calling capabilities) & how some apps actually make life easier! Uh, and no I'm not talking about the handy level!