Apr 29, 2005

"It's A Zonkey!"

His name is Alex, his father is a Donkey and his mother is a Zebra.

This is the funnniest thing since the liger!


The Liger, my new favorite animal.


I love hybrids!

Apr 26, 2005

"Deck Update"

We are almost done with our backyard project. We are going to be finished in time for BBQ weather!

Deck - Halfway done

Added A Lattice For Ivy:

Deck - Lattice

90% Completed! We have to add two more pines and add planters.

Deck - 90% completed

Apr 25, 2005

Concert Tix

Anthony and I are going to Zootopia 2005! Yea!

My last concert was......

Shania Twain.

What? It was free tickets from 102.7

I didn't win them, Jennifer won them and Flora and I went. It wasn't too bad. Her dancing was horrendous, though.

Apr 22, 2005



Today my goal is to drink about 5 bottles of water. I already drank 2 bottles so I'm almost halfway there. I have to flush out my system today because, (he he) today is my last day wearing glasses. Yessiree bob! Tomorrow at this time, my eyes will be getting zapped by a giant "laser." No more contacts or glasses. I can't wait. I'm a little nervous, but I'm not going to think about it. So in a couple of days, expect my blow by blow account of the whole ordeal!

So here are my instructions:

Have a driver pick you up.

Take out contacts 4 days before surgery.

Put "Refresh Plus" eyedrops 4x a day

Drink 6-8 glasses of water

On the day of surgery:

Eat a big breakfast

Dress casual and warm

After surgery:

No swimming for two weeks

No eye makeup for two weeks

No weight lifting or sports for two weeks

I can live with that. The only think I can't deal with is doing nothing. After the surgery, it is recommended to rest as much as possible. So when I get home, I'm advised to nap. I'm not going to watch any TV, read or use the computer for about 3 days. So what am I to do with that time? Any suggestions?

Apr 20, 2005

"Fire Up The Grill!"

It's going to be great! I'm so excited; these are pics of our backyard "in progress." I can't wait to BBQ, & karaoke outside! (Dogs will be howling)

Deck (Before)

In Progress:
Deck (In Progress)
Who's coming over?

"Join The Party" Ode to Chris.....

Mario Party 5WarioWaluigiDaisyPeach

I have an unspoken addition: Mario Party 5

And I'm not the only one....come on! Speak up! You know who you are!

Can you guess which Character I play?

Apr 19, 2005


One of the first pics I took with my cellphone.
Now he's a fat lump.

Let's Go On A Cruise!

Hey guys, let's go on a cruise! LOL.

Norwegian Dawn

Can you believe that the Norwegian Dawn was the last cruise that I've been on??? (August '04) It was the best cruise I've ever taken. The food and ship were spectacular. And ironically, I was on Deck 10 - the wave was that high.

I can't believe that freak wave hit that boat! What happened to re-routing?

The question is:

Will I ever cruise again?

You betcha!

Will I have a fear of freak 70 foot waves hitting the boat when I go to sleep at night?

No doubt!

Will I down that extra martini?


Dawn - Me in front of ship

I've succumbed!

I caved in. I signed up for my own blog just to see what it's like. And I must say, it's quite nice. An outlet to post my thoughts and links to interesting articles that I found. Now my life is complete. Ha ha. Not really!