Dec 29, 2006

M - A - T - T - R - E - S

And leave off the last "s" for savings.

I got my mattress switched out for a firmer one. I spent a while going from bed to bed at the Mattress place. Those decisions are like the worst for me. At the end of the day, every bed started to feel the same. It was especially hard after laying on this luxury bed called "Pranasleep" which is latex foam. The sales guy said it was $3700, I was like Ooookay moving on! But I finally chose this firm mattress, and it was obviously right for me because I slept like a rock. I did not wake up for anything in the middle of the night. So I'm happy. Now for the bed frame itself...I need a bedroom set, I'm just too darn picky! And dang, bedroom sets are pretty pricey!


Marie Feeding Seagulls

Listen for the horrified squeal at the end!

Products Products!

I love trying new products out, and especially love their packaging. I used to think it would be a cool job trying out products and critiquing them. Well, Gata sent me a link to this one girl's blog who tries beauty products and writes about them...she is probably getting money for it too, and she is probably sent free stuff to try and critique. It wasn't the first time I've seen blogs like that. In Allure magazine a few months back, there was a whole section devoted to blogs where people write about products they've tried. I am contemplating starting one too...although it is an investment because some of the blogs feature high end products. And I'm doubting if the returns are that profitable. Nonetheless, it would be fun. We'll see. I don't think I have enough time to invest in that either.

Dec 24, 2006


I recently came back from an exhausting yet FUN road trip to New York. This trip was different from the rest because our car now has a cheap DVD player in it. I was able to play a No Doubt concert and recline my seat all the way. My driving stamina is improving. I was excited to visit "home" again. I have a new line, Anthony says home is where the cats are. Lol.

Anyway, we were able to pull off surprising my Mom & Grandma at 2 in the morning! I called my mom from the vestibule of her building, saying that I couldn't sleep due to a bad dream that this guy was ringing her bell and trying to get that moment of course Anthony started ringing her bell. She heard it and said she was not going to buzz the door since she is not expecting someone. Grandma buzzed the door - I heard her say in the background that it might be my aunt Doris. Anyway, we went up and surprise surprise!

We were supposed to be in town earlier that week - so if you didn't see me, it was because we arrived on Friday 2 am and left Saturday morning at around 6:30. But I had a great day in NY. Felt wonderful to come and visit as a tourist. First thing that surprised me was the road rage. Twice in one day I was honked at, like for a long time. I wasn't even driving slow. I felt my blood pressure raise...this is something I did not miss about New York. Driving is just so stressful. I had a wonderful breakfast, then went to the city with my Mom & Gata. We visited one of my favorite spots in the city: St. Mark's place. We had tea and cake there after shopping at the wholesale district (I went a little nuts). It was just one of the best days....

The trip was short and sweet, it was time to leave. In Virginia, we made a pit stop in Ikea. Having those Swedish meatballs & red potatoes made my day! I bought floor lamps, wall art and some essentials. It felt great to bring home some plants...greenery! We were given a floor rug, which made the living room instantly cozy.

All in all, it was good to be back. I was able to visit and do things I enjoy most about NY, without actually living there. It's like having the best of both worlds. I do miss the action you find at any hour, be it 1 in the afternoon or at night.

Everything's Not Lost

We had a laptop that had an unfortunate accident, resulting in it being inoperable. We were able to salvage the hard drive, which was...locked. We couldn't access it. I thought that more than a year's worth of pics were gone. But thanks to Danny, he was able to crack it - and now we have our pictures and memories in tact and backed up in our external drive. Whew!

I'm buying picture frames to put up my staircase...well, I just bought one (so far) to start with. I'm going to buy a few more and get my pictures printed out and framed. I'm just ecstatic that I didn't lose some of my best shots.


Dec 14, 2006


The days have been so sunny, that I am thoroughly enjoying this rare gray day where everything is drenched by water...the cats sense it and have curled themselves up in tight warm balls. Nothing but the sound of rain and a faint snore of someone sleeping nearby.


I saw him take off, and swoop overhead....I snapped and conquered....

The Age Game

The other night, we met some people visiting from France. They asked how old we were, and we made it a game. My friend Ruth was aged 3 years older, while Catherine was aged 1 year less then her age, and I was guessed to be 2 months older to be exact. :)

As they were going round, I contemplated what they might guestimate of me...because that night I was wearing false lashes and dark blue eyeshadow (yikes). I breathed a sigh of relief when my age was guessed correctly, but I really do want to shoot for a younger age. I think it's the makeup - the girls were more fresh faced...and although it's okay to have fun once in a while with falsies, I vow never to over do it.

I got through fazes just like every one else - there was a time I used to be very minimalist.

Dec 6, 2006

Swirl, Tap & Buff

I've been meaning to post about some of my beauty must-haves for a while now. I like to hear what products work for other people. I've been using Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals for about a year now and I love it. I used to use Studio Fix by Mac and I thought that was great, but after having a bit of problematic skin, I was tired of getting regular facials only to clog up my skin with makeup. Then I heard about Bare Minerals which used only natural minerals that did not clog pores. I went to a boutique and had a lady put it on. I was hooked. Not only was it great at covering up spots, it did not make me look like I was wearing a mask of makeup! It looked very natural, felt weightless and the starter kit included a color named "Warmth" which you'd sweep over cheekbones, forehead, chin, to give you a warm glow. My Mac powder makeup left me looking flat, so when I tried this, I was just thrilled with the luminosity. And the Mineral Veil is just luxurious. It's a silky, iridescent finishing powder that I can't go without. It doesn't take me long to do the steps either. I first conceal, buff the foundation on, sweep some warmth on, and finish off with the Mineral Veil. If anyone wants to try it, there is a Boutique in the Queens Center Mall & Roosevelt Field mall. As well as locations throughout the city. But I guarantee, you'll be hooked as well. Nothing beats natural makeup.

(Above) This eyelash curler, I cannot do without. It's by Sonia Kashuk and it's sold in Target Stores. This has to be the best curler I've ever had in my life! It's around $8.99 in stores and is well worth it. The Revlon one does NOT compare.
So there you have it, my two beauty must-haves. If I were stuck on an island somewhere...I'd be a happy camper if I had my Bare Minerals & my Sonia Kashuk Eyelash curler. Of course, having a mirror would be nice too! :)