Aug 1, 2012

A Quarter Of My Treatment Time DONE!!!

So I'm done with the first 6 trays!  There's 17 trays to go.  I'm so happy I'm done with the first segment!!

Last week, I had a cleaning done, and the hygienist said she has never seen my gums in such great shape!  So I was right, the flossing does make a huge difference and I hope to keep up with it long after the trays are removed.  She also is at the end of her Invisalign treatment.  She admitted to me that she drinks coffee with them!  I still have my morning cup with them out.  It just feels wrong.  

Today I had an appointment with my Orthodontist.  It was a real fast visit.  They just put in tray 7 (ow), felt around to see how it fit and gave me trays 7-12.  I asked him to see my ClinCheck video and I was impressed by the animation!  More incentive to be patient and good about wearing them as much as possible!  My end result will look top row didn't seem so bad off, but it really needed to be spaced better (wider) as well.  

OH!  I  also asked about IPR...when I'm having that done.  The girl said right after tray 19.  So I have that to look forward to, yay.  But from looking at the image on the computer, it looked like it only affected two teeth.  I'm not that worried about it anyway.  I asked what type of retainer I would have, and he said I would have an Invisalign-type retainer that I would only wear at nights.  I can live with that! 

So they scheduled my next visit in 12 weeks and sent me on my way.  I've been really doing good with keeping them in...and will try to be more diligent about putting them in faster after meals, etc.

Can't wait 'till I can say it's half over, and then when it's ALL OVER!