Jun 30, 2005

Pic Of The Day: What Is This Cat Saying?


Happy Thursday

The sky is gloomy, but I am not. Today is the end of my work week. We have the convention this weekend, so I'm off from work Friday-Sunday.

I have to say, this convention period was different from most - I was a shopaholic this time around. Last year and the year before that, I wore no new outfits all three days. This time I got 3 new outfits for the 3 days. The last time I remember doing that was when I was in my teen years. I would go to Strawberry's or some other discount clothing store (always at the last-minute) scour all the racks until I found something. This time wasn't any different, except instead of Strawberry's I went to Famous Brands. Famous Brands is a wonderful place. It's totally below the radar - because it looks kinda crappy. But inside, if you look hard enough (at times, it's hit or miss) you can dig up some brand name item at a fraction of the cost. My mother has gotten skirts for $7, and dresses that cost not much more. So this convention, I should be unique - because my outfits aren't from Gap/Old Navy/Express/NY & Co./Strawberry's. I also got a skirt from an old favorite: Lord of The Fleas. I used to work there, and visiting made me so nostalgic. (I was thinking of the wardrobe I would have if I were still there. But when you think back about a fond memory, like your first job, you never recall the bad things).

Now I also bought shoes, which I will wear for one of the days. The only thing is, they're pretty high. The kind of high heels that when I fall, no one will pity me. You wear heels to the convention-you are pretty much on your own. And since we are sitting up in the nosebleed section, I will do well to carry a pair of flat slippers to walk around with.

I have my note taking arrangements all taken care of - because Ishmael made Anthony and I, a book for taking notes with the schedule and everything inside. How nice!

I am looking forward to being with the friends this weekend, (and taking pictures of everyone) but most of all I am looking forward to this weekend of encouragement.

Jun 22, 2005

X & Y

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This album is awesome....my favorite song so far is "Fix You"

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So Sad!

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Gemini, a kitten with two faces, was born Sunday in Glide, Ore. It was born with four eyes, two noses, two mouths and two tongues.

Poor little kitten!

Jun 16, 2005

An Orange....No No! A lemon! No No, An Orange!


(I just couldn't resist posting this picture).

This picture was taken from a science project dumped in the garbage by one of our tenants. (Obviously, one of their children's science project).

At first glance, I looked at it and felt a pang of sorrow for the poor child who embarked on this experiment. Then I just cracked up. I mean, this has to be one of the dumbest experiments I have ever heard of! It's ridiculous...It doesn't even qualify for an experiment in my opinion.

I used to think that the volcano was the biggest cop out. But no, I was wrong! It's the juice experiment!

So tell me, what has more juice? An orange or a lemon?

Jun 14, 2005

What A Day!

The Car Hitched Up

Yesterday I ran out of the office to get lunch and my car wouldn't start. My boss came out and tried to give me a boost - but it didn't work. When the day was over, my co-worker gave me a boost. Her car is bigger so I thought it would do the trick. I thought wrong. After much debating and figuring out what my options were, I finally called a tow truck.

The guy who towed me, talked my ear off all the way home. When I got home, we put in a new battery and the car was fine. I was so exhausted!

Later on I got to see my cousin (pictured below). I haven't seen her in a long time so it was nice.


Jun 8, 2005

BBQ Highlights

This past Sunday we had a barbecue.

The first of the season - but not the last.

We had a wonderful time.

Here are a few pics of some of the people there...

(I have a few more to add to the bunch later)

Copy of P6050061

Copy of P6050062
Irene & Jorene

Copy of P6050065

Copy of P6050069
"The Artist"

Copy of P6050070
"The Boys"

Copy of P6050073
What are they talking about? (Above)

Copy of P6050074
Can a man get some room?

Copy of P6050078
"Zapata Sandwich"

Copy of P6050081
Me, pretending to be busy

Copy of P6050082
Excuse me!

Copy of P6050088
Group Picture Time!
Click to enlarge!

Copy of P6050091
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Copy of P6050095

Jun 6, 2005

Can you say TACKY?


What you are seeing here is an actual flyer handed to our small 3 person office by our regular UPS driver. (His identity and contact information are hidden for his protection).

I found this in great distaste. I didn't even register in 3 Stores for my Wedding! Here is somebody registering at 3 places for a housewarming.

I also found it a bit odd, that he gave this to us and we don't know him that well. I mean, we KNOW him - he's our UPS guy. But to know him, like really know him enough to get him a present for his housewarming - no.

I think this falls into the "Tacky" category. What about you?

Can you say, fishing for presents?

Jun 1, 2005

My Laser Surgery Experience

(The procedure was done on April 2005)

I was looking forward to getting laser surgery, but I was scared. Even though Anthony went through it and was fine, I was worried that something may go wrong, or that I would not be corrected to the fullest extent. But I was sick of wearing contacts and glasses so I decided to go for it.

The morning of the surgery, I went to eat at our local diner, Bel Aire. I ordered pancakes, but had no appetite. I picked at my food and barely ate.

At the waiting room I had to sign some papers. One of them was a long list of disclaimers. I anxiously initialed each page, dreading if one of those rare complications would happen to me.

I got re-tested again. They measured my pupils, created a map of my eye and took my prescription. I spoke with the doctor about my concerns and then I was given an eye drop kit and a Valium and was sent to the waiting/recovery room. It was a room with 5 leather reclining chairs and two regular chairs. I sat with my eyes closed, as it was important to keep your eyes from getting dry. After a few minutes I got called. I was taken to this machine and was instructed to lie down. It was so cold in that room. An assistant put drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils. It is a strange feeling. I lay down and the machine took pictures of each eye. Afterwards, I was taken back to the recovery room. I sat and waited for another couple of minutes and I got called again. This time they took me to another machine. I lay down and one of the assistants put a blanket on me. I really needed it because that room was really frigid. She said, “This is the part where they create the flap.” I remember feeling like backing out, but instead I lay anxious. She puts a series of drops in my eyes to numb them. The doctor comes in singing. They taped my eyelid open, put something on my eye and the machine came down. I felt a pressure on my eye. I started to say something, but the doctor quickly told me not to speak as the machine was cutting my flap. I lie silently, but felt like I was going to move. The assistant was holding my arms. I asked her to so earlier so that I wouldn’t move by accident. I really felt like I was going to move, but I laid still. Finally it was over. I don’t know if I was imagining it, but it was like I felt the laser cutting the flap around. They did the second eye. It was more bearable this time. After they were all finished and they were praising me like I had just done a miracle, I told them that my right eye hurt a little bit. Nothing major, just a little. They put more numbing drops in my eyes and I was sent back into the recovery room. I sat there with my shades on, eyes closed. One woman asked how I was doing. I told her they created my flaps and the worse was over.

A couple of minutes later, they called for me again. This time, I was taken to the first machine and it was going to be the actual laser. I lay down, and they put more drops in my eyes. I wasn’t even nervous at this point – It was probably the Valium kicking in. So they taped my eyelid open, put a patch on my other eye and slid the flap off my eye. The doctor told me to look at the red blinking light. I looked into it, and it began ticking. 10 percent complete…20 percent complete…. I continued staring into the red blinking light. 70 percent complete…80 percent complete…. 90 percent complete…100 percent complete! The doctor then slid the flap back in place; they put a bandage contact on my eye and put the patch over it. To the other eye, they taped it open and slid the flap off and told me to look at the red blinking light. I told them it was hard to focus. The machine was already starting up, and soon it started ticking away, so I did my best to stare at the red blinking light. After it was done, they put the flap back in place, put on the bandage contact, sat me up, told me “You did so good!” and sent me back to the room. “You’re all done! You did greeeeat!” They cooed. And like a little child I smiled. At the recovery room, I sat with my eyes closed, but took little peeks. Finally, they sent me to this other room where the doctor will examine me and discharge me. I sat in that room with my eyes closed. When I peeked, I couldn’t see that well, but I noticed that the edges to contours were sharp. I already knew that the surgery had worked. Anthony was finally let into the room. He told me how he couldn’t read or concentrate in the waiting room. I told him I did fine, and that I wasn’t nervous. (Valium’s a heck of a drug) The doctor took a look, and discharged me. I went home and ate pizza from Sac’s with Anthony. Anthony sent me to bed to get some rest. I lay down, and as I was lying there, my eyes went to the clock in front of the bed. I started cracking up like a madwoman because I could already read the time. Anthony came in and was wondering why I was laughing. “I could read the time!” I screamed, followed by squeals of delight. I took a long nap. When I woke up, I felt my eyes were dry, so I put some drops in. I have 3 different drops to take. One for 3 days, one for 7 days, and one for 9 days. I was to put them in 5 minutes apart. I also had Refresh Tears, which I could use as much as I wanted. My mom came over, and we talked until it was bedtime. Anthony took her home, and I went to bed.

The next morning I could see even better. I slept in, and took a long nap in the afternoon. Later that day, Anthony and I went to the Nursery to look for a Red Japanese Maple tree. On the highway, I could see really far and crisp. In the evening, my eyes were tired. On the way home, it was dark and I noticed the halos around the lights. I asked Anthony if he had that, he said he had starbursts around lights. I got worried. I was wondering if I was going to see like that at night or if it was going to go away after time. I took two days off from work. I basically slept a lot on those days because I couldn’t read, watch TV or go on the computer. The first 3-4 days, every day, you see better than the last. Eventually, the halos around the lights went away.

Now, almost 3 months later, I can see crystal clear. I am amazed at how good I see without contacts. I went for a follow up visit and I am now 20/20! I would advise everyone to do it. It’s a low-risk procedure, and not wearing any contacts or glasses is priceless. To wake up and see is a wonderful thing.