Oct 28, 2008


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Going To NYC Manana

I'm going to NYC tomorrow, AS USUAL...I still have not packed a single thing. I always tell myself not to pack last minute, but what the heck? I can't seem to get myself to do things ahead of time. Sigh. I'm looking forward to seeing people...(if I have enough time). I wanted a friend of mine to do subtle highlights on me before I left, but she probably doesn't have time 'cuz I didn't hear from her. Oh well. I have someone staying at my place, so she can just feed the cats - works out perfect. NY will have an average of 50's during the week so I'll have to pack a few warm things and a jacket. Should be fine. I can do 50's no problem. If the sun is out, we're all good.

Oh last night I caught a Dr 90210 episode last night and saw Hayley (Dr Rey's wife) on a spoiled-rich-wife rampage about a larger house she wants...and just wanted to SMACK HER! She claims she needs 10,000 square feet - how insane is that? Watch, she'll probably just get her way. He should have married someone who like himself had humble beginnings. Dr Rey, you gotta love him and his nunchucking skills...he is such a nut but very likable. How he ended up with her, I have NO idea. Okay, enough of that.

Max Update

Went to the Vet yesterday, his kidney levels are high normal (2.00) so I'll just have to keep him on the special KD food for 2 months and get him rechecked then. Good progress. Hope his kidneys are completely back to normal then.

Fun With My New iTouch...

Someone has my ipod (classic) right now, so I've been without an ipod for two months now. To top it all off, the cd player in my car is busted, so I've had the pleasure (sarcasm) of listening to the radio everytime I want to listen to music. Now I've spoken about the radio down here before...'nuff said. Anthony got me the iTouch with his Amex points to replace the ipod that I am currently without. At first I thought having a touch screen would be annoying. Boy was I dead wrong. It basically can do everything an iPhone can without an actual phone. You can go on the web, google maps, watch YouTube videos, check e-mail as long as you are connected to a wi-fi hotspot. There are also games (most free) and other apps that can be useful, like finding restaurants, or listening to Pandora - awesome! I love the weather feature, which gives me weather for certain select cities. Right now it's 66 in WPB, 34 in London and 40 in NY. Brrr. You can even rent movies on iTunes for $2.99 which works out awesome if I booked a flight on an airline other than JetBlue. The simple "Home" button will bring you to the home screen wherever you are. No annoying complicated menu to get lost in. And it's super thin and sexy. It even has tiny speakers that can play sound - handy when YouTubing among friends. Scrolling through songs and artists with your finger is so easy and fun. I'm beyond happy with it, and can't believe I even doubted it. Eventually I think I may cross over to the iPhone, but that's after they at least get 32GB or 80GB models...

Oct 17, 2008

Marie's "Steal Deal Of The Month"

$23.99 Black or Bronze.
They're light as a feather...and did I mention, HOT?
Ladies, you can thank me later.... :)

Time For Change?

Election coming up, positions at work are shifting - creating some waves, a new period of uncertainty is floating around in my life...let's throw in some more changes! Well, fun changes are always welcome. :)

I'm feeling antsy...I cut my hair a few months back with some bangs and now it's starting to grow out...I feel like I wanna keep the length...because I feel more feminine with it...I dunno...but I'm thinking of putting in some subtle highlights, maybe a shade or two lighter. A few years back, I had my hair dual processed, it was dyed a few shades lighter and had some light highlights. It was rather pricey to maintain, and after the summer ended, I went back to a brown shade. Anyway, my hair's in this growing out, in between stage...I'm thinking of doing a major change. A woman knows when she's due for one! LOL. I always wanted to have some friends I can go to to get things done for cheaper. I have a friend down here who gave me a trim the other day. I may employ her to lighten me up! I actually found a pic of Jessica Alba when she had black/dark hair and noticed that when she went lighter, her eyebrows got lighter also. I'm also liking the cut...see for yourself:

The 2nd pic is more golden toned and the 3rd one looks more blond...I like the length of the 3rd pic. I dunno, going lighter makes your face look softer. I wanted to not dye my hair until I started sprouting some greys but I'm getting pretty bored.

Oct 15, 2008

New Layout

I found this blog that has free Blogger templates and decided to give it a try. Her designs can be found here. I was bored of what I had, and didn't like the other templates so I found this site. I uploaded this one and was going to change it, but Blogger had a scheduled outtage last night so I didn't get to do it. The other one I wanted to try was the "My Notes" one. I may try that out for a few days to see if I like it better, because I prefer blue hues...(I'm not that into pink for some reason). Anyway, that's the latest...I'm picking up a friend from the airport tonight, she'll be staying with me for a little while. It will be nice to have some company I guess, I'm so used to my space so a slight adjustment will be necessary. :)

Oh, Maxie update, he's doing much better...I took him to the vet a couple of days ago because he was throwing up a lot...the infection he has is affecting his kidneys. So they gave him some fluids and a shot, I got some perscription dry food and took him home. I bought Pill Pockets to disguise the pill inside a treat because I had a really hard time getting him to open his mouth! So far so good, he's been eating his dry food which I add water to, making it like cereal. He'd much rather have it dry, but at least he's getting some water which he really needs since he doesn't seeem to drink much. When he's done with his meds, I'm going to take him in for a follow up blood test to check his levels...hopefully he'll be fine. I'll keep him on the special dry food to help avoid any future problems. That's about all the exciting news I have...hope things are going well in everyone's world!

Oct 8, 2008

Problem With Skype & My USB Headphones

I recently got Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 headphones w/microphone so I can make calls from my laptop with Skype. (Phonecalls within the USA are unlimited for $2.95/month). I make a lot of calls for work, so I figured I can increase my productivity (and save gas by skipping the drive to the office) without having to add a long distance service to my home phone. It sounded like a lovely plan until I ran into a road block.

For some strange reason, every time my call connects, the volume (wave) automatically mutes, and the master volume will gradually go down to zero. I can manually undo it, but it's a major pain. Thank goodness for the internet, It took me a couple of hours (and a ton of searches and troubleshooting) to figure out it was all linked to this one process: Communications_Helper.exe

Here's how to stop it from messing with your Skype calls:

In Skype, go to:
Tools > Options > Advanced
Under "Other things you can do", click Manage other programs' access to Skype
Click REMOVE Communications_Helper.exe

For those of you who have no clue as to what I'm talking about...just go on about your merry day. I posted this to save some the trouble I went through in having to research and troubleshoot. Happy Skype-ing!

Oct 1, 2008

Our Pet's Heads Are Falling Off! (D&D Reference)

Max. He's been peeing outside the box sporadically for a few months now. I thought it was just bad behavior...until it started to be a daily event. The urine also looked dark. I looked online and found that it could be that he has a urinary tract infection, and associate the box with pain, so they go elsewhere in less desirable places, like on the tile near my front door. I also found that if you mix white vinegar with your cleaning agent, it will neutralize and kill the smell of cat urine. The best tip I got online so far.

I took him to the vet, and they loved him...he was on his best behavior, sniffing around and rubbing love on them. He did indeed have a UTI. They put him on antibiotics, gave him a shot, and gave me special food to give him to balance his PH. He is not touching the wet food, and it is now Day 2...but eventually he should get the point and eat it. I had a scare this afternoon when I thought he may have been blocked because he wasn't urinating, but I locked him in with his litterbox and eventually heard him go. I'm glad he's able to go, because the whole taking him to the vet and getting him flushed would be incredibly expensive. I'm going away for a few days and a friend will stay at my place and "pill him". The only way I get the pill down, is by first giving him a treat, then he's more inclined to open his mouth the second time...ugh, these cats are like children. I never had problems with any cats in my life so this is foreign to me. But also males are more prone to having UTI and FLUTD because of their tiny urethra's. I usually have female cats. Oh well!