Dec 21, 2005

A lot is going on this week....

First of all, if you haven't already heard, NYC is facing a terrible transit strike. Although I work in Queens and drive to my job, I see the traffic on the otherside on my way to work. I feel bad for the commuters. I hear horror stories of carpooling and being stuck in traffic for 3 hours! And crazy stories of people walking all the way home. That's just nuts...but good for you! Don't let them paralyze you. Hopefully this will end soon...the newscasters are downright annoying with their dramatic phrases.

On another note, I just finished Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a really good book. Due to my slightly cynical nature I was surprised at the happy ending. It almost seemed unreal. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I am looking forward to it. The book was filled with descriptive passages so I expect to see the vivid imagery brought to life.

I was in a No Doubt faze last week, playing their tunes to and from work...and this week I hear Gwen is pregnant. Well, congrats...because I was skipping the songs that talk about her biological clock ticking. I'm happy for her, as long as she doesn't call the baby Harajuku! Maybe she'll be designing children's wear soon. Oh brother.
Gwen and Gavin SM.jpg

Lastly, an xmas pic of my two little cousins: (They look adorable, I had to share)
Nicky & Briana December 2005

Dec 8, 2005


There are places I’ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more

Dec 5, 2005

Teenage Yawning Max

teenage yawning max

3 Years: The New 7 Year Itch


It looks like America's favorite couple has split up. Yeah, it's typical for a hollywood power couple to go their separate ways, but for some sappy reason this split up is straight up sad. Well, I can't say I have never watched an episode of "The Newlyweds" 'cause I did. It was hard not to be amused by Jessica's brainless comments - because although she was dumb as a doorknob, she had a down to earth side to her. And even though they had $$$, Nick always insisted on getting things done himself - a quality to be admired.

So what went wrong?

It just goes to show you that no matter how georgeous you are, it takes a lot more than looks to hold a marriage together!

Dec 2, 2005

If His Dad Could See Him Now....


He'd be disowned! Ha ha!!!!

My two cats prefer him over me, isn't that sad?

Nov 24, 2005

Taking Tea With Catherine

This past weekend, it was nice to get away...especially with a friend. Catherine accompanied me to West Palm Beach. We haven't traveled together in soooo long - since England. Wow. Anyway, it was Cathy's first domestic flight & first time taking off from LaGuardia Airport. It was a good flight with good TV. We landed pretty late, like 12:30 and we took a cab to the house. We quickly shed our jackets, and were greeted with warm air and a light misting of rain. That night I was excited, so I cleaned all three toilets. (They were not really dirty, but they had water stains from the stagnant water).

The next morning the bright sun woke me up (I need curtains desperately!) so I embarked on another project, cleaning the melted chocolate ice cream from the freezer from when the power was out. (Thanks, Wilma). I also struggled with putting in a water filter in the refrigerator for the water/ice maker. Afterwards, we showered, got dressed to the nines and went out to tea. I was kinda nervous driving around with expired temporary plates, but I paid no mind. This tea house was very quaint (there's that word again) and smelled like an old apartment while still maintaining the charm of a quiet tea room. There were many tea rooms, and we were placed in the "Green Room." At first Cathy wasn't feeling well, but as the tea was poured and the little finger sandwiches were brought in I could see she was feeling better. Or maybe the drugs were kicking in. I enjoyed the sandwiches, it was after 1 and we were starving so we daintily wolfed them down while sipping on tea. I had Strawberry Black tea and Cathy, or Catherine (her tea name) had Darjeeling. After that, we took pictures in the garden (or gizarden) and since I didn't have a digital camera on me (shame!) I snapped this shot with my phone:


After that, I got my license surrendered at the DMV - and shred my last part of my New York identity! I know I sound dramatic, but I was actually very sad. Then we went to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall and the shopaholic (you know who you are) did not buy a thing. Very proud of her.

This trip was pleasant, the weather was beautiful and just as we were settling in vacation was time to go home! I was really enjoying my Senseo coffee maker too! (The coffee pods beat scooping and measuring).


Oh well, until next time!

To The Anonymous Commenter:

Sombodie neds to lurn how to spel befoor makin comants on peepul’s blogs.

Also, they need to get a life if they spend that much time getting so upset over innocent bloggers and their musings. Honestly, there are so many stupid blogs out there…funny that they would choose ours.

I say, get your own blog!

And as for me, I will keep on bloggin' whether you like it or not.

"The Stranger"

I woke up to these words: “Who are you? Who ARE you?” The next thing I hear, “Marie! Anthony!” I jumped out of bed blinded in the darkness and I ran out. My aunt who was sleeping in the loft bed turned on the light because she thought my mom was dreaming, but what happens next is very real. I came out into the living room, and saw this six foot man standing on the foot of my mother’s bed, his hands outstretched waving them up and down saying: “Relax, relax…”

Seconds, just seconds pass…a million thoughts were running through my mind. One dominant thought rang clear that this man clearly does not belong here. What is he doing in our apartment? Does he have weapons? What did he come here to do? I was speechless, numb. I could hear my aunt frantic but no one moved. I glanced to the side and saw Anthony coming out; he woke up from the commotion. I now walked towards this man, I charged towards him determined to do one thing, to GET HIM OUT. Anthony did not realize there was a man in the house, and when he saw him he threatened calling the police. As we both walked towards him, he backed away and went to the door, and as he was leaving, he paused by the door and said “I said…okay.” I ran after the door, closed it and peeked through the peephole and saw him casually go down the stairs. I fumbled with the locks, I couldn’t even lock the door, I was so freaked.

We called the police and they came like 30 minutes later. We told them the story, and they were so quick to assume the guy was a drunk who thought he lived there. This guy was not drunk; he was very calm in an eerie, controlling way. And he didn't stumble around. There was no sign of forced entry, so we think someone may have left the door unlocked. But that still does not warrant the entry of a stranger. We gave the police our description of the creepy bearded six foot man wearing a backpack. We made the police look on the roof, down and around, but we didn’t hear back from them. So this incident remains a mystery. I am certain that his intent was to rape, rob or murder. He didn’t realize there were 4 people in the apartment that night. I am just so grateful that this man did not whip out a weapon and kill us all. Now we sleep with the door barricaded.

LORD OF THE FLEAS - The End of an Era

This was my first real job. I was so sad to hear that it closed; I almost felt that this legacy would keep on living. I was 17 when I started, and still in high school. I remember my first Saturday working there - it was strange, new, liberating. Every week I religiously deposited $100 in the bank from my tiny paycheck. But I had money for school and the 50% discount made me a regular customer at the store. I first started out working weekends. It was hard. On Sunday I had to go to other meetings. But it was fun being picked up from work on Friday night and going out somewhere like BBQ's. It was also nice getting visitors and seeing not so famous people. My co-workers were always sweet and since I was the baby, they took care of me. My tasks were straightening up and handling the register. After a year or so there was a job opening in the warehouse, and I said sure, why not? It was summer; I was off from school so I started working full time. So goodbye 2142 Broadway, hello 12th street & avenue A! It was not bad working there; I ordered lots of pasta from this fantastic little quaint Italian place called "La Casalinga". I worked for a husband and wife team, so I was now going to work under the husband, Jeremy Archer. Carol Archer mainly oversaw the uptown location (they also had a 9th street store location). And Jeremy spent every day in the warehouse. So now I handled all the new clothes that came in, put tags on them and created labels for them in the computer. I also managed inventory. Jeremy was a cool boss - and a workaholic. Quite an interesting individual. An Irishman by blood, but raised in England. (I think his Mother was Irish). He also spent some years living in Paris and Australia. So as you may imagine, he had this accent that you couldn't quite place - but your best guess would be English. He was into politics and he was vegan. He ate jalapeƱos all the time with his food because he believed it kept him from being sick. The job was flexible with my schedule when I started college. After deciding to spend the last year of school full time, I said goodbye…but it never quite felt like goodbye, because whenever I would visit, it kind of felt like home. But little by little all the familiar things were drifting away. Soon after I left, our UPS guy whom we befriended was transferred to another route. Also later, their bookkeeper and cousin who has worked for them for years started working as a paralegal. Things were definitely changing. So now, they have closed shop, and from what I hear they have opened a bed & breakfast. Sounds lovely…and totally different from the fashion industry. I know Jeremy was dabbling in real estate, and this must have come up as an opportunity for them to create a new business. Juggling both of the businesses would have been impossible, due to their deep involvement, and perhaps now husband and wife can work together under one roof. Sounds like a happy ending, doesn’t it? I wonder what the B&B is called, Lord of the Bed Bugs? Okay, I know – that was corny, but I couldn’t resist.

Nov 4, 2005

Some "Feel Good" Advice

  • Listen to music by a pop star you would never admit to liking

  • Schedule a girl's night out - and party like it's 1999

  • Be your own therapist

  • Spend some time alone - and enjoy it

  • Find out what your personality flaws are and work on them

  • Pour over old pictures and memories once in a while

  • Lucky jeans are worth every darn penny! (I'm not into status symbol clothing, but if you ever get a chance to snag a pair on sale, you will thank me!)

    Can't think of anything else at the moment...

  • Nov 2, 2005

    My baby, Isabel. When she closes her eyes, her face disappears.


    Bought these boots recently. Shoot, Ima wear 'em in Florida!
    I don't care if it's 90 degrees.

    "Village Girl"

    My boss said I looked like a "Village Girl" today. I guess I am wearing a fairly trendy outfit. (A tank w/ a short grey cable sweater with a antiqued jean mermaid skirt). It took me back to Junior High School when I saw these hispanic girls fighting, and the "big insult" was one calling the other a "village girl". How dumb.

    Oct 28, 2005

    Who the heck would want to live here???

    Tractor trailer turned over in the Palm Beach Mall parking lot:
    Tractor Trailer - Palm Beach Mall.jpg

    Marina by Riviera Beach (our town):
    Riviera Beach.jpg

    Construction site at Riviera Beach:
    Riviera Beach Construction.jpg

    Lines for gas in Palm Beach Gardens:
    Palm Beach Gardens.jpg

    Congress Avenue:
    Congress Avenue.jpg

    Gas Station on Belvedere Road:
    Belvedere Road.jpg

    Street on West Palm Beach:
    West Palm Beach.jpg

    Trailer in shambles in Riviera Beach:
    Trailer - Riviera Beach.jpg

    All these pictures are in Palm Beach County, all in our neighborhood or nearby surrounding areas. We have NO shutters up, so imagine the anxiety. We are having somebody drive by the house today to take a look...

    Who'd want to live here? Ha ha.

    Oct 24, 2005


    The weather is cooler, heck. It's cold now. Daylight savings time ends this weekend...the rain...the cold...aaaagggghhh.

    This weather is getting me down. Last year, I had the winter blues - big time. I'm probably going to stick around a bit longer, so I hope I don't have a repeat of last year's episode. I remember not feeling like myself...and looking back now, I wonder if I ever felt like myself again.

    The stress of the holiday season at work brought on anxiety and panic. I was a real wreck. Funny how I thought I had problems. Your problems always seem smaller when bigger problems sit on top of it.

    So for those who experience pitfalls in life; to all those who just can't see a light in the end of the tunnel...don't worry, it will get worse.

    Enough pessimistic ideas, let me talk to you like a self-help book:

    Life is a journey, and your happiness depends on you. Life may be bumpy, but take the time to enjoy the ride...

    Had enough of that crap? I thought so.

    On a positive note, I now live at my grandma's one bedroom apartment with 3-5 other people. I got the bedroom...and I have a really nice curtain for a door. My 2 cats don't really like my aunt's Maltese dog, but he doesn't stay all the time. And oh yeah, parking's a joy.

    Sep 19, 2005


    We have put the majority of our stuff in storage. It's all too real for me now! Sob sob.

    Leaving this house will be bittersweet. But not for the reasons I imagined.

    It's always sad to bring a chapter of your life to a close. I'm not ready for the next chapter. Too many unknowns. Sometimes I like predictability.


    On another note, I made a slammin fettucine alfredo w/ chicken. My 2nd time, and it came out even better than the first. My advice, don't use your measuring cup. Eyeball it.

    Sep 14, 2005


    Girl Cousins.jpg

    The little one (Brianna) is Filipino/Italian, Saskia is Filipino/French, and know what I am.

    Sep 1, 2005

    I got into photography again.

    I picked up a roll of black and white and went click happy around the neighborhood. I even snapped a shot of the crazy gas prices.

    Photography for me is just the greatest hobby. It's capturing a moment in life. Whenever I see pictures of the past, I can remember the exact mood and even the way I thought back's crazy.

    I took a picture of the sky. When you think about it, you'll never see the same sky again.

    Zenobia Muffin!


    Aug 31, 2005

    The clouds were dark and ominous. But behind all the swirling grey, I saw the bright blue sky.

    Aug 25, 2005

    puffy clouds
    crisp air
    bright sun
    red balloon floating away
    it was red
    a red heart baloon

    Aug 18, 2005



    I got three very cool things yesterday - one is a 60 gb ipod for my anniversary. As I held it in my hand I expected to hear music and turn into a black dancing sillouette...(that would be awesome). But it didn't happen. I still have yet to load music into it. One of the things I must listen to first, is that song by U2 in all the ipod commercials and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. Yep, that's how it has to be christened. Now...I'm just in love with it. I'm one of the ipod geeks now.


    Anyway, I also was given the Zagat book for So. Florida. Cool, huh? Only those with a refined snobby NY palate will be able to appreciate this! Now I can find all the good eats. I must have access to a good Thai place...

    And lastly I was given a beautiful bracelet. It has multicolored stones and is oh so dainty. I'm afraid I'm going to bang my wrist and break it as I did other bracelets, sadly. But they were cheap so I didn't care.

    So that's the 3rd year anniversary present rundown. I had an wonderful time last night...eating my favorite pasta dish in Lighthouse park.

    Aug 17, 2005

    Happy Anniversary To Me!

    August 17th, 2002

    Today Makes 3 years - whoo hoo!

    Aug 15, 2005

    Corn-y Tea Pot!


    Darn! I wish I could take the merits for that phrase, but I have to give credit to Gata for that one!

    Below are some useless things found in a 99 Cents store!


    Useless Figurine. OJ anybody?


    And last but not least, Mr & Mrs Wannabe Hello Kitty.

    They updated Hello Kitty's look to look guess.

    And Mr. Hello Kitty has a mischievous smirk.


    Stay tuned for our next show featuring more useless things from the 99 cents store!

    Aug 8, 2005


    My intrusive and disturbing thoughts
    are keeping me up and affecting my sleep
    If just for one day, I long to be normal

    I wish to drift into sweet ignorance
    'Cause the way that I'm feeling it's making no sense
    I fear life, I fear living, fear dying, I fear breathing

    Somebody please save my tormented self - out of this hole
    out of this prison that I locked myself in
    I don't know where to start, don't know where to begin

    Feeling so unhappy with my mind keeping me captive
    I long to be freed...

    A Message

    My song is love

    Love to the lovely shown

    And it goes on

    You don't have to be alone

    Your heavy heart

    Is made of stone

    And its so hard to see you clearly

    You don't have to be on your own

    You don't have to be on your own

    And I'm not gonna take it back

    Well I'm not gonna say I don't mean that

    Your the target that I'm aiming at

    And I get that message home

    My song is love

    My song is love, unknown

    And I'm on fire for you, clearly

    You don't have to be alone

    You don't have to be on your own

    And I'm not gonna take it back

    And I'm not gonna say I don't mean that

    Your the target that I'm aiming at

    But I'm nothing on my own

    Got to get that message home

    And I'm not gonna stand and wait

    Not gonna leave it until its much too late

    On a platform I'm gonna stand and say

    That I'm nothing on my own

    And I love you, please come home

    My song is love, is love unknown And I've got to get that message home

    Aug 4, 2005

    Back In The USSR

    Well, back in NY now and sorta back into the swing of things.

    My visit to Florida was okay...things didn't go so smooth but we did end up closing on the house in the end. Yea! I find myself mixed with so many emotions. I guess it's normal. I stayed in Miami. Miami's okay...just don't compare it to NY or I'll go off on you. This one guy said Miami was like New York, the city that never sleeps. I just stared at him with this blank look on my face. The heat is the thing that will be a little hard to deal with. But like anything, I think I would eventually get used to it. It's been hot these past couple of days in New York, but I've been unfazed by it.

    The radio in Florida is not really my cup of tea. I think I need to crack down and get an IPod. In New York, we have Z100 which has a mix of today's pop, 95.5 has mostly 90's stuff, 106.7 has all the light sounds and 103.5 and 102.7 have dance/disco music. And of course there's Hot 97, a station that I never listen to and 92.3 KRock. In Florida, they have the Z100 equivalent. It's 100.7 or something. Anyway it sounds like Z100, except take out any rock songs. Not even pop rock. It's all hip hop. So it's hard to listen to for longer than 10 minutes. Their rock station consists of hard rock that's so hard it's not even cool. The radio stations there are lame. I'm going to have to get satellite radio or something, 'cause I'm gonna die. Not really.

    Besides the radio situation, I don't think Florida will be too bad... They're building a lot around the neighborhood I'm moving into. And the conveniences are close by. Near my house they have Costco, (I love to stock up) Publix, (supermarket/drugstore) Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Applebees, Blockbuster, and 3 strip malls which contain dry cleaners, hair salons, etc... And I haven't even explored that much! Oh yeah, Palm Beach Gardens Mall is close by too. Riviera Beach is's literally 10 minutes away. I think that will be a place for me to seek some solitude...until the heat gets out of hand and I want to go home. I still haven't gone to Palm Beach - it should be gorgeous.

    It's going to be a major change for me. I've lived in New York all my life. It's going to be hard to be away from family and friends. I have to get used to driving everywhere. But I think it's going to be a growing experience. Having to transplant your life somewhere else is not easy. We have to make new friends, establish a routine of everyday life, and learn to be on your own completely. I'm going to miss NY terribly also. I love the mixed cultures, the food, and the craziness of life in general. For the first year I'm going to see a movie that has NY in it, and get filled with nostalgia and longing. There's something about the way NY is portrayed in the movies which makes it look so fun to be in NY. I'm going to certainly miss living in my house. I love my backyard and the whole set up. I really didn't mind living in the basement.

    But change is good. It's just hard.

    Jul 24, 2005

    I'm flying, I'm really flying...Jack!

    Ha case you've forgotton, this title was a Titanic reference.

    Anyway, this Friday I had a flight to Ft. Lauderdale and I went all by myself. That day, I went home early from work, and packed last minute. The time flew and before I knew it, it was time to leave. I felt overwhelmed.

    We got to the airport, and I was hungry but didn't have an appetite. I felt emotional...and it was time for me to go through security and say goodbye.

    I went through security fine, and sat in my seat and waited. It was packed. Well, JetBlue is always packed. I waited nervously until it was time to board. I sat in seat 19D. I sat next to this woman and her child. The poor child had a tube through his head to drain liquid. And I found out soon after that they've been flying back and forth from Miami to New York for surgeries. I felt so bad.

    So during the whole flight, I have to say, I did pretty well. I was quite okay. I watched tv a little, read a magazine, and towards the end I napped. I woke up in time for the plane's decent and I freshened up.

    So I landed, feeling so excited for the things to come....

    The walkthrough:

    I was glad to point out all the things they had to touch up and finish. The house's condition was a little scary, but at least they have a couple of days to straighten up everything....

    Jul 8, 2005

    London Bridge Is Falling Down

    I was saddened to hear of the bombing in London. I had fond memories of that place, and I was always thinking of returning there one day. It makes me sad to think that I will always be thinking "What if?" wherever I go. Well, one thing's for sure in this ever changing world - you are not safe anywhere. Time and unforseen occurance befalls us all. How true.

    It's just unfortunate that londoners now carry the same fear we have in New York. And although we eventually get on with our lives, the fear of something happening is there - only burried in the back of our minds.

    Jun 30, 2005

    Pic Of The Day: What Is This Cat Saying?


    Happy Thursday

    The sky is gloomy, but I am not. Today is the end of my work week. We have the convention this weekend, so I'm off from work Friday-Sunday.

    I have to say, this convention period was different from most - I was a shopaholic this time around. Last year and the year before that, I wore no new outfits all three days. This time I got 3 new outfits for the 3 days. The last time I remember doing that was when I was in my teen years. I would go to Strawberry's or some other discount clothing store (always at the last-minute) scour all the racks until I found something. This time wasn't any different, except instead of Strawberry's I went to Famous Brands. Famous Brands is a wonderful place. It's totally below the radar - because it looks kinda crappy. But inside, if you look hard enough (at times, it's hit or miss) you can dig up some brand name item at a fraction of the cost. My mother has gotten skirts for $7, and dresses that cost not much more. So this convention, I should be unique - because my outfits aren't from Gap/Old Navy/Express/NY & Co./Strawberry's. I also got a skirt from an old favorite: Lord of The Fleas. I used to work there, and visiting made me so nostalgic. (I was thinking of the wardrobe I would have if I were still there. But when you think back about a fond memory, like your first job, you never recall the bad things).

    Now I also bought shoes, which I will wear for one of the days. The only thing is, they're pretty high. The kind of high heels that when I fall, no one will pity me. You wear heels to the convention-you are pretty much on your own. And since we are sitting up in the nosebleed section, I will do well to carry a pair of flat slippers to walk around with.

    I have my note taking arrangements all taken care of - because Ishmael made Anthony and I, a book for taking notes with the schedule and everything inside. How nice!

    I am looking forward to being with the friends this weekend, (and taking pictures of everyone) but most of all I am looking forward to this weekend of encouragement.

    Jun 22, 2005

    X & Y

    (no subject)

    This album is favorite song so far is "Fix You"

    (no subject)

    So Sad!

    (no subject)

    Gemini, a kitten with two faces, was born Sunday in Glide, Ore. It was born with four eyes, two noses, two mouths and two tongues.

    Poor little kitten!

    Jun 16, 2005

    An Orange....No No! A lemon! No No, An Orange!


    (I just couldn't resist posting this picture).

    This picture was taken from a science project dumped in the garbage by one of our tenants. (Obviously, one of their children's science project).

    At first glance, I looked at it and felt a pang of sorrow for the poor child who embarked on this experiment. Then I just cracked up. I mean, this has to be one of the dumbest experiments I have ever heard of! It's ridiculous...It doesn't even qualify for an experiment in my opinion.

    I used to think that the volcano was the biggest cop out. But no, I was wrong! It's the juice experiment!

    So tell me, what has more juice? An orange or a lemon?

    Jun 14, 2005

    What A Day!

    The Car Hitched Up

    Yesterday I ran out of the office to get lunch and my car wouldn't start. My boss came out and tried to give me a boost - but it didn't work. When the day was over, my co-worker gave me a boost. Her car is bigger so I thought it would do the trick. I thought wrong. After much debating and figuring out what my options were, I finally called a tow truck.

    The guy who towed me, talked my ear off all the way home. When I got home, we put in a new battery and the car was fine. I was so exhausted!

    Later on I got to see my cousin (pictured below). I haven't seen her in a long time so it was nice.


    Jun 8, 2005

    BBQ Highlights

    This past Sunday we had a barbecue.

    The first of the season - but not the last.

    We had a wonderful time.

    Here are a few pics of some of the people there...

    (I have a few more to add to the bunch later)

    Copy of P6050061

    Copy of P6050062
    Irene & Jorene

    Copy of P6050065

    Copy of P6050069
    "The Artist"

    Copy of P6050070
    "The Boys"

    Copy of P6050073
    What are they talking about? (Above)

    Copy of P6050074
    Can a man get some room?

    Copy of P6050078
    "Zapata Sandwich"

    Copy of P6050081
    Me, pretending to be busy

    Copy of P6050082
    Excuse me!

    Copy of P6050088
    Group Picture Time!
    Click to enlarge!

    Copy of P6050091
    Click to enlarge!

    Copy of P6050095