Jul 31, 2006

Some Pics of LA

Flying over the Grand Canyon:

This is the place where they don't cook the food:

This is a concept they have yet to do in Astoria, a Laundrymat/Cafe/Sandwich spot! The soup and sandwich I had were superb. What a nice way to spend time waiting for your clothes to dry!

Good Brazillian food/little Brazil motel....
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Jul 22, 2006

Under The Bridge

Dag. L.A. is full of bums! They must have the highest concentration of bums, 'cause they're everywhere. And they ask - not for a quarter, or a dollar - but $5 dollars! Could you believe it?

Well, the flight here was good. A cute little girl who spoke french & english sat next to me. She immediately made me her friend. She got annoying after a while, but she was very cute. I thought I would feel very trapped for 6 hours, but I guess I geared myself up mentally for the long haul and it seemed to go by fairly painless. Flying over the Grand Canyon was SO cool!

I haven't done any sightseeing, but I can tell you California is overrated. Well, let me NOT speak too soon. I'm sure the other parts must be lovely. Coming from a big city like New York, L.A. is tiny in comparison. And I was quite surprised that they did not have as much food variety as we do, and they don't have deli's like New York does. I had an afternoon snack craving and asked someone where a deli was. As I saw them scratching their head and staring blankly, I said to myself: uh-oh. Yes, we New Yorkers are very spoiled with our conveniences.

I must come back and visit other places. Oh yeah, the first day I was here, I went to this place across my hotel called "Leaf" It was this vegan place, and I saw a sign where it had pictures saying no beef, chicken, egg, and I saw a picture of a flame with them also. I was bewildered, but too tired to ask. Well, I ordered and received my food - it was cold. Turns out that flame picture, meant they don't cook their stuff either. It's a vegan place where they eat food raw. So the "pasta alfredo" I ordered? Was actually made of shredded squash. Man, I was so zonked out and so hungry, I ate as much as I could (even though it was not that appetizing). Next time I go there, it would be for a smoothie or wheatgrass shot. I like my food warm.

Jul 18, 2006

What To Do On A 6 Hour Flight?

Hey guys, looking for suggestions on what to do on a LONG flight. I fly tomorrow to LA and have not taken a long flight since going to London some years back. I will have tv, but that gets old after a while. I will bring my ipod, a book (Jasper-Thursday #3), and a notebook to write although I have limited privacy with people probably sitting on my right & left. Oh, I'm also a crappy sleeper on planes. My boss wants to do some work so I'll be praying for that laptop battery to die-ha ha.

Here are some suggestions I saw on someone else's blog:

- Make the whole plane sing school bus songs
- Force the person next to you to play a game of go fish (or maybe mini checkers).
- Seduce the pilot
- Wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m with stupid.”
- Make sure you’re sitting in such a way that it points toward your seat mate.
- Play chess by yourself and act completely upset when you make a good move.
- Read a book upside down.
- Bubble wrap. Lots and lots of bubble wrap. Pop them slowly… one… at… a… time.
- Bring a kazoo.
- Two words: “Paddle Ball”.


Jul 6, 2006


My grandma has a new couch...makes the place look more homey. Sun Bathing Beauties....
...They also preform
Took a trip...

Made new friends...(This kitty appeared out of nowhere. I gave him milk and he stuck around all night. He was so ugly, it made him cute. I named him Charlie).
Charlie likes to entertain.
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