Sep 19, 2005


We have put the majority of our stuff in storage. It's all too real for me now! Sob sob.

Leaving this house will be bittersweet. But not for the reasons I imagined.

It's always sad to bring a chapter of your life to a close. I'm not ready for the next chapter. Too many unknowns. Sometimes I like predictability.


On another note, I made a slammin fettucine alfredo w/ chicken. My 2nd time, and it came out even better than the first. My advice, don't use your measuring cup. Eyeball it.

Sep 14, 2005


Girl Cousins.jpg

The little one (Brianna) is Filipino/Italian, Saskia is Filipino/French, and know what I am.

Sep 1, 2005

I got into photography again.

I picked up a roll of black and white and went click happy around the neighborhood. I even snapped a shot of the crazy gas prices.

Photography for me is just the greatest hobby. It's capturing a moment in life. Whenever I see pictures of the past, I can remember the exact mood and even the way I thought back's crazy.

I took a picture of the sky. When you think about it, you'll never see the same sky again.

Zenobia Muffin!