Apr 21, 2006

Pot O' Vicks

Smelling Vicks instantly floods my mind with memories of when I was a child. I remember being sick, congested, being stripped of my shirt and slathered with Vicks all over my chest. It felt so cold, the smell medicinal, but somehow comforting.

My aunt has an addictive personality. She recently admitted to being addicted to all sorts of things-for a time before she picks up a new addiction. Thank goodness not drugs, but a whole range of things, from craving pizza and having it all the time, to her vicks inhaler, to french fries with ketchup and mayo - yeah weird things sometimes. I think I sort of have that too. I remember discovering the "Byron" sandwich at Bel Aire and having it week after week - ahh, honey mustard... Oh, and I used to order shrimp with basil at Thai Pavilion every time too, (before that it was chicken with tamarind sauce). I sometimes stop myself and try to order other things, but I think when you find something you like, you just indulge.

So last night I was congested with allergies, and my aunt handed me her new pot of Vicks.

"Here, you could keep it. I'm not into that anymore."

And with that, she passed it on to me.



Apr 19, 2006

I Miss Blogging

Haven't blogged for a while...don't worry I'll be back.

This picture (above) is a classic reason why NOT to chew gum when someone has a camera in their hand.

I went to DC under not so good circumstances, but was with family and had a great time. I'll post up pictures soon.

Apr 5, 2006


You are faced with a difficult choice. Do you take the more difficult road just because you are afraid of regretting anything? Or do you take the easy way out only to discover you are constantly asking yourself "what ifs?"

I personally cannot bear a future of what ifs, so I find myself always choosing the harder route. For all I know the easier route could be deceiving as well.

I find fear to be a factor of a lot of things in my life. I am afraid to offend, so most of the time I quietly seethe about things rather then bring things up. That is not always the best thing to do, because I might blow up on someone someday!

You always hear things about people losing their inhibitions when they are older and are able to say or do things that they were otherwise shy about years ago. I wonder if that will be me...