Oct 28, 2005

Who the heck would want to live here???

Tractor trailer turned over in the Palm Beach Mall parking lot:
Tractor Trailer - Palm Beach Mall.jpg

Marina by Riviera Beach (our town):
Riviera Beach.jpg

Construction site at Riviera Beach:
Riviera Beach Construction.jpg

Lines for gas in Palm Beach Gardens:
Palm Beach Gardens.jpg

Congress Avenue:
Congress Avenue.jpg

Gas Station on Belvedere Road:
Belvedere Road.jpg

Street on West Palm Beach:
West Palm Beach.jpg

Trailer in shambles in Riviera Beach:
Trailer - Riviera Beach.jpg

All these pictures are in Palm Beach County, all in our neighborhood or nearby surrounding areas. We have NO shutters up, so imagine the anxiety. We are having somebody drive by the house today to take a look...

Who'd want to live here? Ha ha.

Oct 24, 2005


The weather is cooler, heck. It's cold now. Daylight savings time ends this weekend...the rain...the cold...aaaagggghhh.

This weather is getting me down. Last year, I had the winter blues - big time. I'm probably going to stick around a bit longer, so I hope I don't have a repeat of last year's episode. I remember not feeling like myself...and looking back now, I wonder if I ever felt like myself again.

The stress of the holiday season at work brought on anxiety and panic. I was a real wreck. Funny how I thought I had problems. Your problems always seem smaller when bigger problems sit on top of it.

So for those who experience pitfalls in life; to all those who just can't see a light in the end of the tunnel...don't worry, it will get worse.

Enough pessimistic ideas, let me talk to you like a self-help book:

Life is a journey, and your happiness depends on you. Life may be bumpy, but take the time to enjoy the ride...

Had enough of that crap? I thought so.

On a positive note, I now live at my grandma's one bedroom apartment with 3-5 other people. I got the bedroom...and I have a really nice curtain for a door. My 2 cats don't really like my aunt's Maltese dog, but he doesn't stay all the time. And oh yeah, parking's a joy.