Aug 4, 2009

Bittersweet Month of August

We are in the month of August. My cousin Saskia turned 16 the other day...16! Can you believe it? That means my cat Kira (who resides with an Aunt) has also recently turned 16. Makes sense that she would live long, she was pretty evil in her younger years...ha. The middle of the month is a good time, it's Anniversary time. But what makes August bittersweet is another anniversary, not the good kind. It marks 16 years since my uncle's death. 16 years! What the heck?? It's so weird how after someone's passing, time and LIFE just goes on. Before you know it, you look back and like a blink, all those years were so long ago even though the feelings of loss and pain can still hurt like yesterday...

Well we all know time is moving and we can't do anything to stop it...but every once in a while, we can stop and remember with love, those who live in our memories.

Jun 11, 2009

Can I Just NOT Work Today...& EVERYDAY?

I'm sick of work, I'm sick of money, I'm sick of bills...I just don't wanna anymore. I haven't been the only one singing this tune lately. I think because life got harder, we all just want to throw in the towel. Do we really have to keep paying our bills? The cost of living ever increases. And THEN, I get this travel itch…there are sooo many places I’d like to go. I want to visit friends; I have friends in so many states and countries. Want to do a month long road trip. See places. I’m sick of the everyday hustle. I’m sick of the stress. Do I really have to pop a kid to be a housewife? I just want to stay home…I think I’ll be happy…I’ll wake up, study, clean house…take a class in something. Sure it might get boring. Sure I might even miss working. Wish I could just work whenever I wanted to vs. needing to.

Today I woke up feeling so blah. Sure I can make my own hours for work…but if I’m not working, there’s a guilt that looms over me. Maybe I should just take this day…take it and do what I want with it. Oh…the woes of being an adult!

May 13, 2009

Jon & Kate SPLIT 8???

When I first saw this show, I was mesmerized by the fact that this couple had 8 children and were pretty good and managing all the kids. A few episodes in, I noticed how controlling Kate is...she belittles her husband, corrects him constantly and never holds back in letting him know how he doesn't measure up to her standards - all the while on national television.

I fell in love with the children and tried to ignore Kate's narrating. The children are so smart, cute and have their own personalities...

I hope for the children's sake that they try and work things out. I know that the majority will side with Jon - despite the supposed indiscretions because of how he's treated publicly. But all should know there are always two sides of the story. They definitely should have turned off the cameras and focused on having a normal life...doesn't mean it's not too late to do it now.

::Hugs:: to the children!

Apr 16, 2009

This Blog Is Suffering - Confessions of a FB Addict

Yeah, this blog is not updated on a regular basis since my life has been taken over by FB...I apologize! But who can resist a site which instantly and constantly reports what your friends (and frenemies - come on, we've all got them) are doing - what pictures they're posting, who's pic's they're commenting on...and OOH! The quizzes!! And's never ending.

Of course, not all of us are addicted, some know how to give it it's proper place...but for the most part, I find myself checking it on a regular basis. Probably a lot more than I should. And we get to post pretentious pics of ourselves and our friends too! Make status updates since everyone cares about our wonderful lives...and get little ego boosts from friends rewarding us on our wittiness by clicking on that new added feature the "like" link. :) And when we upload an album of pics, BOOM - comments flood exciting! LOL...Ah technology. How crazy is it, that life was SO different 10-15 years ago?

Lately, I started playing Pet Society, in which you create a pet, then earn money to buy clothes and furniture and you can decorate your house. Funny, it's just a simple game imitating life yet it manages to keep us entertained...that is, until the next new popular game arrives.

Since I work for myself (right now at least) I don't have to worry about what I do on my computer. I sort of feel bad for the people who have to be careful at work...if I were at an office, I probably would be doing the same! Doesn't mean I still have to watch my time cuts into productivity...but I can't bring myself to not check during the daytime "work" hours. It's hard because, we never have enough time as it is, so add FB to the mix and it spells disaster. I joked about a friend that our evening goes like this:

Turn washing machine on ::FB:: Put clothes in ::FB:: Turn stove on ::FB:: Put food in pan ::FB:: Put clothes in dryer ::FB:: Eat ::FB:: Wash dishes ::FB:: Fold Clothes ::FB::

If you're not careful, it can suck up a lot of time, so sometimes you just gotta turn off the computer! Sometimes it's when you are taking a break. For instance, I washed and mini-detailed my car. I needed a break so...FB! (Right now I actually have to start cleaning my's getting late so it may just be a mini-detail thing like what I did with my car, but it will have to do).

Speaking of next blog post will be about my iTouch ipod (basically like an iPhone, but w/o calling capabilities) & how some apps actually make life easier! Uh, and no I'm not talking about the handy level!

Feb 11, 2009

New License Plate

In the next few weeks we are going to get a 2nd car...most likely I will be the one driving it since I do more driving due to work. Anyway, I'm SICK AND TIRED of people asking me what my license plate means! I didn't make it, Anthony did, and he put his 'tarded nickname there. So needless to say, I get questioned constantly.

So, I need your help...give me suggestions of what I should put on MY plate!

I'm pretty bad at this stuff and can't think of anything good. I was gonna put "EAT CAKE" because of my name (ha ha). So....think of something and let me know! I might just use it! :)

Jan 26, 2009

No Pics This Weekend

I had a great weekend in the company of Lisa, Pete, Stef & JP but sadly we didn't take any photos! What the heck? Actually, I know why I'm not eager to whip out my lil' point & shoot. It's an Olympus cam, it can go underwater and is pretty cool. But I'm really not impressed by the quality of these little camera's anymore...When I dabbled in photography a while back, it was an SLR camera - but it's film. I don't want to get rid of it, because film pics are still cool to me, they have that grain that you just don't get with digital. The only reason why I'm not going trigger happy with it now is because I'm too broke to pay for developing. I've done it for many years, and it really adds up. Now I'm really wishing for a Nikon D60 - no, not because Ashton is promoting it, but because Stef told me last night, it rivals Canon Rebel but is much simpler to manage. I like simplicity. I really really really wanna get back into taking pics again...artistically...although it is a challenge in south Florida because I feel in NY I relied mainly on the coolness of "The Big City" to make my shot cool. Anyway, I may take out my Canon SLR and just not develop the pics until much later, make like a time capsule of it. OR I can learn how to develop my own pics. On a related note, Lisa is into knitting now - and since giving up on knitting a while back because I felt it was too complicated for me, I may just pick it up again. :) It would be cool to know how to knit things.

Jan 22, 2009

Just Played Coffee Shop Online...

It makes you CRAVE coffee the minute you start playing it! Weird. I don't have coffee daily anymore...I think I mainly was hooked on it because of the caffeine more than I was to the actual taste. So make sure you brew a cup before you play!

I made $19 bucks, which I thought was okay...but when I clicked at the high scores, people made $1000!

Click HERE to play.

Jan 19, 2009

Tag, You're It!

I got "tagged" on a note on Facebook, where a friend wrote 20 random facts about herself. You're supossed to write 20 things about yourself, then tag 20 other people.

Just thought I'd share what I wrote on this blog...

1. I am a born procrastinator. This list was supposed to be done yesterday.

2. I am afraid of change, yet when it comes I endure gracefully.

3. Although I’ve been through a lot of uncertainty, I’ve learned a lot from being outside my comfort zone.

4. I learned to read at the age of 3 ½, skipped Kindergarten and was put in 1st grade top class after reading in front of the Principal. (Don’t know if they have “top class” anymore).

5. I am a neat freak…yet sometimes the house gets messy. I procrastinate and don’t clean it for a while, and then I get my days with bursts of energy where I clean for hours.

6. I fear childbirth, and the thought of a child changing my life forever. If it happens, it WILL be planned, and still then, I will probably be terrified…I fear the unknown.

7. I miss my husband when he’s away, but thoroughly enjoy my time alone.

8. My nickname used to be brat. USED to be.

9. When I’m flipping channels, and see Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, or Girls Next Door – I can’t help but watch the train wrecks…

10. I’ve done some traveling in my lifetime – Canada, England, Wales, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Philippines – that’s 10 countries…(I’m probably forgetting one) stopped over in Taiwan, and whilst on a train from Paris to Rome we drove through Switzerland – does that count as 11 and 12? I love travel and suffer from the travel bug from time to time. I have a lot of new countries that I would like to explore…but am dying to go back to Italy.

11. I’ve slept at a hostel while traveling.

12. I’m going to take motorcycle lessons one day and surprise my husband…well, it won’t be a surprise if he sees this.

13. I used to draw and write poetry as a teenager while locked up in my room. I miss doing creative things sometimes.

14. I still write in a journal…I contemplate burning my collection just in case I die. I don’t really read my past entries…

15. I met quite a few celebrities while living in NY.

16. Grunge or Hip Hop? I was “Grunge” for a few years in H.S.

17. I accidentally ran over a kitten in my driveway. I was traumatized for a few…

18. I have a half sister who looks a lot like me, since she is also half Dominican and Filipino and we are a month apart. I also have a bunch of half bro’s and sisters that I have never met, including my own father.

19. I love Karaoke, and have some cherished memories of singing in Chelsea Piers…why oh why did that have to end?

20. I love makeup and makeup sales. I recently spent $2 bucks on a brand name eye pencil. Oh yeah, and I am a product junkie…my bathroom is STOCKED.

Jan 13, 2009

My Place... a mess. I have a luggage from NY that I haven't even unpacked yet, I have laundry that needs attention, I have to vacuum, tidy up, put stuff away....SIGH. And all I wanna do when I get home from work is just crash. It's not as bad as it sounds...would probably take a couple hours of tackling...but boy oh boy do I procrastinate.

Jan 12, 2009

Feeling Blue

I'm really feeling blue...that is, the color of this blog! Yeah, I changed the template and like this one a lot. The pink one didn't really feel right. What I like about this template and the last one, is the 3 columns. When searching for templates, I really didn't like the ones with right navigation. I like it on the left for some reason.

Anyway, my favorite show Lost is coming back this month, also Fringe. Here is an alternate ending to last season of Lost. Yeah, if it were Sawyer, that will KILL the ratings next season, LOL! I'm not sure if all the new stuff from last season is sitting well with me...all the new characters, the past and future flash backs - the future ones make me kinda uneasy, as well as the creepy visits from Island folk. I just saw a few minutes of a rerun of the episode where Sun had her baby and we learn of Jin's fate. It totally sucks. But I'm still hooked. Oh well.

And for those who haven't seen this yet, it's totally sad yet hilarious at the same's a remix of "I'm Walking On Sunshine" Starring Allison from Intervention.

Jan 9, 2009

Wow, It's Been A Long Time

I joined Facebook and forgot all about Blogger. So it's been a while since my last post. Well, what's new lately? Everything. My life is in a constant state of flux. Keeps me from being bored I guess. Well since my last post, I've had a few visitors. The Tea Queen of Astoria for one. She had a good time, although I wished she had more time to spend. I also wished I wasn't as broke so I could actually do stuff. You don't realize how much money is linked to activities and options nowadays until you find yourself broke one day. I took a couple of weeks off due to the holidays. It sort of feels good to get working again. 2009 is a new year. This year, I'm shooting for some things to happen. A friend recently said "09 is all mine" - lol. It's a good way to start the year I guess... Your mindset has a lot of control over the outcome.

I was in NY recently...short trip was very cold. I wanted to shoot myself. I'm back in 70 degree weather. Don't hate me.