Aug 31, 2005

The clouds were dark and ominous. But behind all the swirling grey, I saw the bright blue sky.

Aug 25, 2005

puffy clouds
crisp air
bright sun
red balloon floating away
it was red
a red heart baloon

Aug 18, 2005



I got three very cool things yesterday - one is a 60 gb ipod for my anniversary. As I held it in my hand I expected to hear music and turn into a black dancing sillouette...(that would be awesome). But it didn't happen. I still have yet to load music into it. One of the things I must listen to first, is that song by U2 in all the ipod commercials and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. Yep, that's how it has to be christened. Now...I'm just in love with it. I'm one of the ipod geeks now.


Anyway, I also was given the Zagat book for So. Florida. Cool, huh? Only those with a refined snobby NY palate will be able to appreciate this! Now I can find all the good eats. I must have access to a good Thai place...

And lastly I was given a beautiful bracelet. It has multicolored stones and is oh so dainty. I'm afraid I'm going to bang my wrist and break it as I did other bracelets, sadly. But they were cheap so I didn't care.

So that's the 3rd year anniversary present rundown. I had an wonderful time last night...eating my favorite pasta dish in Lighthouse park.

Aug 17, 2005

Happy Anniversary To Me!

August 17th, 2002

Today Makes 3 years - whoo hoo!

Aug 15, 2005

Corn-y Tea Pot!


Darn! I wish I could take the merits for that phrase, but I have to give credit to Gata for that one!

Below are some useless things found in a 99 Cents store!


Useless Figurine. OJ anybody?


And last but not least, Mr & Mrs Wannabe Hello Kitty.

They updated Hello Kitty's look to look guess.

And Mr. Hello Kitty has a mischievous smirk.


Stay tuned for our next show featuring more useless things from the 99 cents store!

Aug 8, 2005


My intrusive and disturbing thoughts
are keeping me up and affecting my sleep
If just for one day, I long to be normal

I wish to drift into sweet ignorance
'Cause the way that I'm feeling it's making no sense
I fear life, I fear living, fear dying, I fear breathing

Somebody please save my tormented self - out of this hole
out of this prison that I locked myself in
I don't know where to start, don't know where to begin

Feeling so unhappy with my mind keeping me captive
I long to be freed...

A Message

My song is love

Love to the lovely shown

And it goes on

You don't have to be alone

Your heavy heart

Is made of stone

And its so hard to see you clearly

You don't have to be on your own

You don't have to be on your own

And I'm not gonna take it back

Well I'm not gonna say I don't mean that

Your the target that I'm aiming at

And I get that message home

My song is love

My song is love, unknown

And I'm on fire for you, clearly

You don't have to be alone

You don't have to be on your own

And I'm not gonna take it back

And I'm not gonna say I don't mean that

Your the target that I'm aiming at

But I'm nothing on my own

Got to get that message home

And I'm not gonna stand and wait

Not gonna leave it until its much too late

On a platform I'm gonna stand and say

That I'm nothing on my own

And I love you, please come home

My song is love, is love unknown And I've got to get that message home

Aug 4, 2005

Back In The USSR

Well, back in NY now and sorta back into the swing of things.

My visit to Florida was okay...things didn't go so smooth but we did end up closing on the house in the end. Yea! I find myself mixed with so many emotions. I guess it's normal. I stayed in Miami. Miami's okay...just don't compare it to NY or I'll go off on you. This one guy said Miami was like New York, the city that never sleeps. I just stared at him with this blank look on my face. The heat is the thing that will be a little hard to deal with. But like anything, I think I would eventually get used to it. It's been hot these past couple of days in New York, but I've been unfazed by it.

The radio in Florida is not really my cup of tea. I think I need to crack down and get an IPod. In New York, we have Z100 which has a mix of today's pop, 95.5 has mostly 90's stuff, 106.7 has all the light sounds and 103.5 and 102.7 have dance/disco music. And of course there's Hot 97, a station that I never listen to and 92.3 KRock. In Florida, they have the Z100 equivalent. It's 100.7 or something. Anyway it sounds like Z100, except take out any rock songs. Not even pop rock. It's all hip hop. So it's hard to listen to for longer than 10 minutes. Their rock station consists of hard rock that's so hard it's not even cool. The radio stations there are lame. I'm going to have to get satellite radio or something, 'cause I'm gonna die. Not really.

Besides the radio situation, I don't think Florida will be too bad... They're building a lot around the neighborhood I'm moving into. And the conveniences are close by. Near my house they have Costco, (I love to stock up) Publix, (supermarket/drugstore) Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Applebees, Blockbuster, and 3 strip malls which contain dry cleaners, hair salons, etc... And I haven't even explored that much! Oh yeah, Palm Beach Gardens Mall is close by too. Riviera Beach is's literally 10 minutes away. I think that will be a place for me to seek some solitude...until the heat gets out of hand and I want to go home. I still haven't gone to Palm Beach - it should be gorgeous.

It's going to be a major change for me. I've lived in New York all my life. It's going to be hard to be away from family and friends. I have to get used to driving everywhere. But I think it's going to be a growing experience. Having to transplant your life somewhere else is not easy. We have to make new friends, establish a routine of everyday life, and learn to be on your own completely. I'm going to miss NY terribly also. I love the mixed cultures, the food, and the craziness of life in general. For the first year I'm going to see a movie that has NY in it, and get filled with nostalgia and longing. There's something about the way NY is portrayed in the movies which makes it look so fun to be in NY. I'm going to certainly miss living in my house. I love my backyard and the whole set up. I really didn't mind living in the basement.

But change is good. It's just hard.