Apr 12, 2007

Marie's Hot/Not List - April 2007

I like reading about things that are "hot" or "in the moment" in magazines and I decided to write up my own little hot/not list...sharing the things that are time saving and useful to me. Don't go crazy and buy all the things I talk about!

Burning scented oil at home.....HOT. Invest in an inexpensive oil burner that uses tea lights. (Mine is a pretty carved soapstone one...$4.95 at Walmart). They fill the room instantly with warm inviting fragrance. Not hot? Aerosol sprays. They don't last long and they smell pretty lame.

Herbal Essences - "None of Your Frizziness" shampoo and conditioner. HOT! I like to wear my hair wavy or straight, so I can't bring myself to clutter my bathroom with a shampoo/conditioner for curls and a shampoo/conditioner for straight hair. This way whatever the style, my hair is smooth. Not hot? Shampoos for "normal hair" - what is normal anyway? Our locks deserve more specialized attention.

DVR for TV - HOT!!!! I record shows to watch at my convenience and skip all the commercials. Not hot? Recording on VHS tapes...sorry guys.

Shaving razors that eliminate your need for shaving cream - HOT!!!! Excellent for travel, and excellent in general for everyday use. Ever run out of shaving cream when you need to shave? I've been in this scenario more than once. Instead of grabbing the nearest bottle of conditioner, these razors have it all...and they work great. Not hot? Disposables - ouch!

Apr 10, 2007

Photo Project

I have years of photos that I need to frame and display. One project I started on, is getting a bunch of framed photos and displaying them up a staircase. Seems simple enough...yet it's daunting for me. I want it to be family, friends...a collection of photographs that go together as well as give visitors a sense of warmth. My home needs a sense of identity. Whenever I visit someones house or apartment, seeing pictures on their wall remind me that the people I'm visiting have a life, history, love. So far I framed two pictures, and have yet to hang them once I get more frames. In this digital age, I've gotten used to dumping photos on my hard drive but never really printing them anymore, so I need to get some shots printed. What I think I'm going to do is, buy frames, plan their arrangement, hang them w/o prints and it will give me motivation to get those empty frames filled. Besides, I do have the photographs.

Apr 3, 2007

Selected Philippines Pics (Finally!)

I made an online album of selected pictures from my memorable trip to the Philippines. Two regrets: I wish I had at least one more week there instead of just two, and I wish I didn't get sick from the climate changes. I made the best of it, but some days I was walking around with a cloud around my head. There was much more to see, but I guess it leaves some for next time. I kept thinking to myself, why the heck did I not go sooner? It was great to meet family for the first time, I enjoyed spending time with my cousins...and I am forever changed after spending the day at the local spa and having a $4 dollar deep tissue massage! (I don't think I can dish out the money for getting massages in the USA anymore). Some of the sights were out of this world, literally - especially the "Enchanted River" which I enjoyed as well as the touristy Boracay island. After this trip, I got the travel bug. After all, I survived the long plane ride, right? The world is a beautiful place and there's so much to see. So what's next? Spain, Italy, the Grand Canyon? Who knows. I just know I can't wait until I get there.