Jan 11, 2008

Cooking Mama 2

I have a Nintendo DS game where you cook and make stuff in...and it's pretty pathetic 'cause when I play it at night it makes me hungry. Doesn't help since I'm trying to lose a few. I'm not on an "official diet" because I love food too much, I'm just trying to avoid eating Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers at 10pm at Chilli's if I can avoid it. I'm also trying to curb my bad habit of eating cereal at night too. SIGH!

To offset my nighttime 4th meals, I joined the gym down the street. I like it a lot. The machines are new and uniform - all the same brand and color. (No mis-matched older machines like they had at the BQE...although I can't speak for the BQE in '08). The last time I was there this PT totally took over my workout and worked me out pretty good. That one was a freebie. I'd hate to find out how much they cost. It's addicting because you want to get into shape quickly and they push you harder then you would push yourself. But no, I can't afford it right now...