Jan 30, 2006

Mystery Rolls

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour!
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour!
Roll up (AND THAT'S AN INVITATION), roll up for the mystery tour!
Roll up (TO MAKE A RESERVATION), roll up for the mystery tour!
The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away, Coming to take you away...
The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away, Dying to take you away, take you away!

--end of Beatles reference--

I found 3 rolls of undeveloped film in my camera bag yesterday. I sent them in to be developed. I have no clue what's on them, but it's probably pictures from last year or so. I like surprises! It's like a snapshot of the past taken from another perspective...

Watch, they'll probably be the lamest shots.

Jan 27, 2006

Brighter Than Sunshine

I can't get this song out of my head after seeing "A Lot Like Love" - The movie was okay...but this song is really good...it sounds really happy.

Download song here: http://www.ericas-designs.com/songs/aqualung.html


Artist: Aqualung
Song: Brighter Than Sunshine

I never understood before
I never knew what love was for
My heart was broke, my head was sore
What a feeling

Tied up in ancient history
I didnt believe in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
and it's brighter than sunshine

I never saw it happening
I'd given up and given in
I just couldn't take the hurt again
What a feeling

I didn't have the strength to fight
suddenly you seemed so right
Me and you
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine.

Love will remain a mystery
But give me your hand and you will see
Your heart is keeping time with me

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

I got a feeling in my soul ...(chorus repeats to end)

Movin' On Up!

Last night we moved up to my aunt Bernie's apartment. This nomadic life gets more and more interesting everyday. Who knows? We might end up at your apartment! Ha. Anyways, I'm happy because I don't have to put my poor grandma out of a room. We got the back bedroom (RR apartment) and guess what I have to put up, Cathy? Curtains! It's pretty nice 'cause it's empty and painted blue. I like blue for a bedroom for some reason...People always make their bathrooms blue. We had a lot more crap than I realized...I remember moving to this building with 3 bags, now it's like we have a truck load of stuff. That's because little by little we were taking stuff out of storage. I gotta put stuff back in...

Anyway, this morning I packed Anthony's father's leather jacket into a box. I'm going to ship it to him, because he has been asking for it for ages now and it is practically February, smack in the middle of winter - and from what I hear, Nebraska gets pretty darn cold. Like -20 degrees or something crazy like that. I also printed out 3 pictures, one of our old backyard with the deck (because he's never seen it), one of Anthony and I at a met game, and lastly (ha ha ha - evil laugh) one of Anthony and our two cats - the pic I posted up on this blog before. You see, Anthony's dad is not particularly fond of cats (to put it nicely) and to put a picture of his son with the little dirty animals would be a riot. Ha ha! I bet he'll just love that picture!

That's it for now...

Happy Friday people!

Jan 25, 2006

Dyson - It never loses suction....

Did anyone ever see the Snl skit with the Dyson toilet bowl? Had me on the floor. Anyway, in my recent visit to Florida, and after much debating, I got the Dyson All Floors vacuum. I became vacuum happy, and vacuumed the whole house. It's pretty darn powerful...and it should be, because it cost a pretty penny.

One Thai Restaurant

We went to this Thai restaurant that was close by yesterday in Palm Beach Gardens. After going, we called it the "One Time Restaurant" because we are not ever going there again!

It really should have been called "One Thai-nese Restaurant" because the food looked like Chinese. The appetizer was wonton soup - go figure!

I am such a food snob...Hey, any job openings at Zagat? LOL

Jan 23, 2006

Homeward Bound

I go home tomorrow evening. :( This trip has been the longest that I ever stayed in this house. I always came for long weekends. But nothing ever gets done when we visit for a short time. This time was all about shopping. Not really fun shopping, because everything involved thought. We did manage to get furniture for the loft area. We got two desks, two filing cabinets, and one TV stand. Target is the best. We also got a ceiling fan and I got two plain light fixtures for the 2 guest rooms, and one nice one for the Master Bedroom. We still do not have any chairs or a sofa or anything. I was eyeing a black wood kitchen table at Target...

At the same time I don't want to rush...But I must find a decent bedrooms set. I am in love with a couple from Pottery Barn, but I am not in love with their prices. Besides, what if we eventually move? Then I don't have to lug the stuff around the country. I could just have a yard sale or something.

It's kind of weird talking to friends from here. I could still feel the distance...

Jan 20, 2006


Alas, we now have the free basic cable hooked up in our house. We also opted for the cable internet which is free for 3 months. Of course, we won't be back for a while...but just to know it's there is comforting. The cable tv is included in our community thingy. It's a pain because it took forever for them to come and hook it up. Oh well. Now I'm all set up to work from home!

Jan 19, 2006

Dear Diary...

I have a diary, well, not really a diary of everyday things. But a collection of scribbled passages through stormy nights, of days of pain, sentences, pleas, a cry to no one. It's a form of being your own therapist, and getting things off your chest. They say that's why women live longer. They cry.

I need to take the time out to write about the good things that are in my life, so that I don't always focus on the bad. It's hard, but I need to appreciate. We all need to stop and appreciate life - even if it is sometimes unbearable at times.

I admired Stephanie's list of good moments of the past year. I need to do the same.

Hey, maybe one day I can get together with Cathy, and make a compilation of all our silly videos that will make me laugh. What do you think, Cat? We need to archive our stuff/crap on DVD. In FL, I have the DVD recorder/player that we got from Costco. Let me know.


Hormonal changes - things out of wack
She will bite your head off as she smiles
She wakes up with rage
No one understands what she's up against
It happens too darn often, the inevitable . (dot)
Tears, an ocean of tears stream down her face
Moodiness, the whole 9 yards...

Just leave her alone

I'd Rather NOT Be Fishing

So, I managed to organize a fishing trip. I rented a charter boat, and one fine Tuesday morning we set out for Fort Lauderdale. The weather was warm and sunny, and I was excited; fishing was one of my most enjoyable things to do. So we got there and boarded "The Shooting Star" The assistant/helper (I don't know what you call him technically) told us about the bait and type of fishing we were going to do. Kite fishing. It's a technique used with an actual square kite, it dips and dangles the live bait over the water. When the poor unsuspecting fish takes a bite, he doesn't realize there is a hook attached and he gets caught.

The first hour of the trip was very enjoyable as we admired the houses by the marina with docks and the crystal blue ocean below us. We passed the Queen Mary 2 which was docked nearby. Then as we drove deeper out into the ocean, huge gigantic waves formed, and suddenly we were climbing high waves, and as we passed each one, our boat rocked and dipped steep lows. You could hear the boat struggling with each wave, the strained acceleration. My Aunt suddenly dropped low to the floor, afraid of the boat jerking violently and tossing us overboard. As she closed her eyes tightly and began to pray, I took one look at the waves ahead and could also look no more. The waves loomed ahead, looking terrifying and overwhelming. I looked at the side of the ocean and kept my eyes in that direction. I could not believe the way our little boat was being rocked and tossed about as if the ocean were playing tennis with our boat being the ball. I was terrified, scared out of my wits. But I realized the way I deal with my anxiety is purely internal. I am so afraid of making a fool of myself that I won't voice my fears like my aunt did. I would calmly ask the assistant/helper if the waves were normal and if they were dangerous. Turns out, there was a storm in Cuba which caused these waves. Just the day before, the water was smooth like glass. Too bad the waters were rough on the day of OUR fishing trip. As my aunt gritted her teeth, and I held my anxiety inward, Anthony and his cousin Carli were laughing uncontrollably at my aunt which I found to be mean, but typical of Anthony. (We all had a laugh later, when Anthony's face lost all it's color when he eventually got seasick). Anthony's aunt Anita kept saying "Pobrecita, ella es una persona nerviosa." She felt bad for my aunt, and kept saying her jaws were going to lock! Ha ha ha!

As we neared the fishing area, we stopped, but our boat rocked on with each wave rocking us, dragging us further out to see. The assistant/helper guy appeared again, and set up the fishing rods. He caught one, then gave the pole to me and told me to reel, and I thought to myself - this form of fishing was really cheating. With live bait, it is almost a guarantee you will catch something. The poles were set up in their holders, and once he saw that a fish was caught, he would hand the pole for us to reel them in. After I got over that thought, I figured, let me make the best out of things and I happily reeled in a Dolphin fish. Not flipper, but a fish called Dolphin.

Anthony's cousin Christian was throwing up - non stop. Anthony's face lost all it's color and he was seasick, my aunt was terrified and Anthony's aunt was seasick too. After two fish caught, we called it a day and headed back. The boat's rocking also made me nauseous at the end of the trip, but I think that it was probably mental after seeing all different kinds of throw up on the boat. Has anyone heard of throwing up overboard?

When we reached the shore, everyone was relieved. I was disappointed that my little trip was ruined by the rough waters, but what can I do? I still want to go again, when the sea is calmer. Now I'm looking into going canoeing. A much calmer, relaxing activity!

Jan 12, 2006

In The Words of Catherine: BLORG!

I have the stomach virus. Unfortunately it's true. I discovered it after eating dinner last night. My stomach was gurgly and I felt really unsettled. I "purged" and then not long after me, Anthony was soon to follow. We didn't sleep all night.

All day I was plagued with body cramps. Anthony has it worse than I do. That's because I've had so many stomach virus' in my life, that my body is unfazed.

Well, I'm off to work tomorrow! Good thing it's Friday! I'm being sent to the mall to have some of our products engraved. Doesn't seem like such a bad errand to run...going to Roosevelt Field! But I promise, I won't do any shopping. I will stand by the little booth and wait patiently while he engraves them all. (Wink, wink) My boss looked leary at the mention of sending me there, but he really had no choice. Sending a girl to the mall, oh boy. Hold me back.

Oh my goodness, I went to spell check this post and for some reason everything I typed disappeared. I went nuts...that is, until I saw the "Recover Post" link inconspicuously underneath the buttons. Whew! Cool feature! In the future I will always save as draft....

Jan 11, 2006

LOL #2

Here's another funny one... With animals you can always get a good laugh....


Click here if you want to fall out laughing...

Jan 9, 2006

I'm going to Florida next week for a couple of days and I am looking for places on the web to book a chartered boat. It's going to be just Anthony and I, so we would have to split a trip with other people. Or maybe I'll meet people on Sunday who know of a cheap but good charter and could possibly join us. I'd probably book only half a day.

Last time I went fishing, I spent most of the time on the wrong side of the boat - the people on the other side were catching things left and right. I have to say, catching a fish for me is one of the best feelings in the world. The feeling of something tugging at your line...what can I say, I'm hooked. Ha ha ha. Forgive the pun.

Here's two cool sites I found:

Ultimate Sport Fishing

SailKing.com - I spoke to this guy and he grew up in Bayside, Queens but has been living in Jupiter for 10 years now. He said around this time you'll see a lot of Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Manatees! His rate is a little high, but there is a max of 4 persons allowed so you could split the charter. It's a lot different from the 40+ people charters I'm used to, so you could imagine the personal attention. He also does kite fishing and a lot of other cool things.

I am looking forward to the warm weather and a bit of relaxation. Last time, when Cathy came, I dragged her through curtain buying. I put a few up that are temporary, but they look nice anyway. This time I'm going to get blinds (easy way out, a no brainer) on the 2 guest rooms and also in the loft area which will eventually serve as an office/sitting room. Then all I'll have to worry about is my bedroom curtains. I have to leave that for last, since I'll have to furnish it first and decide on the colors. I want to paint my room blue...but I dont think it will happen during this visit. I will also get to retrieve my digital camera which I left there. I felt so naked without it.

This Is Freaky...I went to H.S. with this guy...

This happened in August of 2005. I had heard about it, but did not know who it was until recently. If the address in the article sounds familiar to you, it's because you probably know it. It's the same building where the Zapatas live. I went to H.S. with him...so weird to read news about somebody you went to school with. It happens. Unfortunately he is now out and about - on bail. How did his family raise the $50,000 dollar bail? If I were his family, I'd leave him in jail!

Man accused of molesting 9-year-old in park arraigned

A Queens man accused of molesting and punching a 9-year-old girl in Astoria Park was arraigned Tuesday on charges of sexual abuse, attempted kidnapping and endangering the welfare of a child and ordered held on $50,000 bail.

The suspect, Peter Belegrinos, 23, a former city hospital worker who lives near the park, did not speak during the proceeding in Queens County Criminal Court but his attorney said he pleads not guilty.

Belegrinos, of 20-64 24th St. in Astoria, who was wearing a blue T-shirt and long gray shorts, was arrested after the Monday attack after police matched him to the license plate of a car he left near the park. Police rushed to the park after receiving a 911 call about a child being assaulted.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Scotti told the court that the attack took place after Belegrinos approached the girl, her 12-year-old sister and a 9-year-old boy at Ditmars and Shore boulevards about 3 p.m. and asked them if they wanted to play "the kissing game."

The other two children ran away toward some bushes and Belegrinos told the 9-year-old girl to get into his car so they could catch up with them, Scotti said. But she ran off before he could get her in the car.

Scotti said Belegrinos then chased down the 9-year-old girl in his 1999 black Lincoln Town Car and grabbed her. He said Belegrinos punched her in the face, lifted her skirt, pulled down her underwear and groped her. The complaint said that as she tried to scream, he put his hand over her mouth and told her, "Can't you ever shut up."

Legal Aid attorney Howard Turman, in seeking $1,000 bail, said his client's recollection of what happened "differs dramatically than what the people claim."

Turman said Belegrinos, who plans to retain his own attorney, is in the Army Reserves, has an associate degree from Queensboro College and has been accepted into Lehman College to study nursing. He said his client has no criminal history.

The complaint says Belegrinos was suspended from his job at Psych Tech at Elmhurst Hospital in April.

At Turman's request, Criminal Court Judge Deborah Modica ordered that Belegrinos be held in protective custody.

Turman said that several relatives said they hoped to raise the bail money. In the meantime, several parents whose children play at the park expressed fear that such a thing could happen in what they said is normally a peaceful place."

Staff writer Anthony Pardo contributed to this story.

Link to full story:

Jan 6, 2006

My Cousins!

I've never met them...can you believe it?

Sad.... I have to visit them one day...

They look great! Gaelle just turned 21 (my favorite age). My boy cousin looks like my uncle...it caught me off guard when I first saw the pics.

Jan 5, 2006

Life and the perception of reality.

I feel ever so unsettled as I have no place to call home. I had this idea of maybe staying in New York...getting an apartment, joining a gym, disappearing into the normalcy of everyday...but I don't think it's going to fly. During this in-between stage, I found myself longing to visit my old backyard (to which I still have the key)...when I realized I was just looking for a place subconsciously, some sort of familiarity in which to indulge in.

Someone so nicely put it all together for me. They said "It's not where you are (physically) that defines where you are in life."


You take lyrics and read them...they sound beautiful and deep, a form of poetry.

You put the lyrics together with music, and it is a marriage of word and song; forever cemented.
It is as if one could not exist without the other.

I thought of this one day as I contemplated the lyrics of a song....

Come on over for a "Raclette" Party!

Last night I went over someone's house for dinner...and had a special treat.

After we had our appetizer of bread, tomato salad (I know Cathy's gagging right now), and mixed vegetables, an interesting contraption was placed before us in the center of the table.

It was called a "Raclette Grill" and it is used for grilling vegetables and potatoes on the top, and on the bottom it comes with little trays used to place a chunk of yummy "raclette" cheese that melts to a cheesy perfection. After the cheese has melted, you scrape it off and place it on top of your fresh ham cold cuts, potatoes and vegetables or any favorite item. It is fantastic, and SO entertaining!

It is so much fun...we have got to do one soon!

Here's a link to a site that sells them: