Jul 9, 2012

Invisalign - Things I've Noticed

Spacing - My teeth are spaced wider...so flossing has been a breeze - used to be really tight in certain spots but not any longer.  My bottom lower teeth are separating and moving apart (like one is going more forward and the other more backward) making it look slightly worse...but it's all about the big picture in the end.  I'm sure after IPR (where they file the teeth) and more treatment trays to bring the teeth in closer, I'll have a nice result.

IPR - Teeth filing.  I'm very afraid of it!  Not about the procedure itself, I've just read too many horror stories online where the Orthodontist took TOO MUCH tooth off and had to apply bonding material to make it look better.  I'm going to voice my concerns with him.  Thank goodness I haven't done it yet.  A lot of people say they have it done before the first tray is put on.  I'm assuming mine will be done when I come in to pick up trays 7-12.

Crooked lower teeth - I've always had a complex about my crooked lower teeth...but now that I have the braces on, and speaking to people, I've observed a lot of people have crooked lower teeth?!  I guess it's common...but I don't care, I still want straight teeth!  LOL.

ANYONE WHO'S HAD IPR, please comment and tell me if you like your result and how painful it is.  I have a high tolerance to pain but would like to know what the pain could be compared to.

I really cannot wait until this is over.  I got used to the whole regimen fairly quickly, but still cannot wait till it's over and my teeth are straight!  I still would have to wear a retainer...but at least the whole process will be over.  Every two weeks, it takes me a few days to get used to the new trays and it just feels uncomfortable!  But at least I don't have on the metal brackets.  My Ortho told me he can finish them off with the metal if I want, and I really do think, I might as well go all the way to get the results that I want, even if I am metal mouth for 2 or 3 months!

Jul 6, 2012

Invisalign - Tray 5

So I'm on tray 5 now.  Just switched trays this past Wednesday, July 4.  The top, where I have the least issues feels tight but not uncomfortable or painful.  The bottom, is a whole different story!  It hurt like crazy...like for a good minute.

I put my new trays in at night so that by morning, they will be easier to take in and out. I would say it takes a good 3-5 days where it's easy to take out.

After tray 6, I will be officially over with a fourth of my treatment!  (Given I have no setbacks/adjustments to be made).  I still haven't had the IPR done....hope that's not too bad.