Jul 15, 2008

Meet Me In Barcelona...

For our wedding anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Barcelona, Spain. I get a phonecall from Anthony asking me to check my e-mail because we're going to Barcelona...tomorrow. I have never taken a last-minute overseas trip before so you can imagine the excitement and panic as I run around getting things together. I left feeders for the cats since it was only a few days. I had a fantastic time...it was filled with memorable moments, especially seeing a random naked guy on the streets of Barcelona (happened twice in 3 days, lol). Don't ask, they're some sort of nudist/naturalist. Anyway, here is a photobook of my trip...I ordered it through MyPublisher.com. (FYI: If you want to see my wedding photobook, e-mail me and I'll send you the link)

If you want to make your own photobook, use these coupon codes:

TRAVEL241 or PHOTO241 or MPFREE241-Buy one get one free.
NEWSHARE- $20.00 off first book! (I used this on my second book, it still worked).

MARIE'S BARCELONA PHOTOBOOK: http://www.mypublisher.com/bookshelf/bookviewer.py?d=tq%3Ey-cppl%60je%3E3384759

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