Mar 30, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I made a draft of the pics I was going to post, and I was about to add more pictures to that draft today, when I looked and saw that only the first 4 pictures show up and the other pics don't show they are invalid or something. I think when you publish from Picasa, you're supposed to publish right away because they may have a limit on how long pictures stay saved as a draft. This really stinks because I took my time choosing those pics...I have to figure out a way...I'm going to try to create an online album and just put a link to that. Oh well.

Mar 26, 2007

Pics Of The Philippines

I have a draft that I'm working on, with selected images from over 600 photos taken on my trip. So please be patient, I'll be working on getting some pics up for you to enjoy.

I'm still getting over the jet lag...and I'm still not quite right. I have the tendency to stay awake and alert at night...even though I try to wake at a reasonable time. My body is probably just exhausted from all the traveling...

Anyway...stay tuned!

Mar 9, 2007

Here's Some Pics From The Last Few Days....

My cousin Ralph

My cousin Gaelle

We all ate at Chow King, this 24 hour place late at night.

This was at the mall, I had to take this pic for Gata.

Another pic that I had to take for Gata, the Mc Rice Burger! If you get to travel to any other country, you will see the menu is slightly adjusted. Remember the Mc Donalds bean burger in London?

This is where we are staying in Iloilo. My cousin's apartment close to their college.

We went to this little zoo....

I have to take more street pictures. I video taped. You see lots of kids walking by themselves on the road, and lots of people on one motorcycle. It's funny.

Mar 8, 2007

I'm In The Philippines....

I'm in a town called: Iloilo (Pronounced: Ee-loo-ee-loo)

I took 4 planes to get was grueling.

My flights were:

NJ to Seattle
Seattle to Taipei
Taipei to Manila
Manila to Iloilo

I slept a lot on the planes, and once in the airport when we had a long layover. So when I arrived, I was alert and awake. I slept the first night and thought that I had a smooth transition into the time zone. But today I messed things up. Today we drove around and went to the mall. Upon our return, my grandmother was tired, so we all lay down for a while and were talking. Well, we all fell asleep and stayed asleep for over 7 hours. Basically we slept the night in US time, but the entire afternoon and evening in Philippine time. When I woke up I was so mad. Now, it's past 4am and everyone is sleeping. I am wide awake. I have to sleep somehow, otherwise tomorrow I'm going to be dead.

Other than this fiasco, I'm enjoying myself! I finally met my two other cousins, Gaelle and Ralph whom I haven't met ever. That's exciting. I'm enjoying feeding the wild cats outside our leftovers...they are our garbage disposals. I tried to grab one orange kitten, but to no avail. I'm too lazy to connect my camera to post pictures right now, but I will put some pictures up in the next day or two. As long as I'm at my cousin's house, I'll have Internet access so I better take advantage.

Anyway, that's it for now! Goodnight/afternoon-whatever!