Sep 1, 2005

I got into photography again.

I picked up a roll of black and white and went click happy around the neighborhood. I even snapped a shot of the crazy gas prices.

Photography for me is just the greatest hobby. It's capturing a moment in life. Whenever I see pictures of the past, I can remember the exact mood and even the way I thought back's crazy.

I took a picture of the sky. When you think about it, you'll never see the same sky again.


Gata said...

I loved the bits of passion you display about photography. You are a natural and one of my photog inspirations! OK corny, but true. It's true you never see the same sky twice, or even the same expression on a person's face. Except maybe on dull people.

BonBon said...

It's funny...I was just going through and organizing a bunch of pictures this weekend. You are right: pictures capture moments, feelings in a way that is amazing. On gas prices: EGADS!Rustom and I are doing less driving, more walking (at least until winter).