Oct 28, 2005

Who the heck would want to live here???

Tractor trailer turned over in the Palm Beach Mall parking lot:
Tractor Trailer - Palm Beach Mall.jpg

Marina by Riviera Beach (our town):
Riviera Beach.jpg

Construction site at Riviera Beach:
Riviera Beach Construction.jpg

Lines for gas in Palm Beach Gardens:
Palm Beach Gardens.jpg

Congress Avenue:
Congress Avenue.jpg

Gas Station on Belvedere Road:
Belvedere Road.jpg

Street on West Palm Beach:
West Palm Beach.jpg

Trailer in shambles in Riviera Beach:
Trailer - Riviera Beach.jpg

All these pictures are in Palm Beach County, all in our neighborhood or nearby surrounding areas. We have NO shutters up, so imagine the anxiety. We are having somebody drive by the house today to take a look...

Who'd want to live here? Ha ha.


Anonymous said...
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Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

My parents we're with out electricity for four days. They are fortunate because their on the same grid as the fire and police stations. They are housing my aunt and family since they have as of yet gotten any electricity.

BonBon said...

Ack! My in-laws were without electricity for a few days. My brother-in-law was planning to sell his house soon and move to Georgia, but during Wilma his roof was really damaged. So I guess that plan's on hold. But thankfully, no injuries or death.

Gata said...