Apr 21, 2006

Pot O' Vicks

Smelling Vicks instantly floods my mind with memories of when I was a child. I remember being sick, congested, being stripped of my shirt and slathered with Vicks all over my chest. It felt so cold, the smell medicinal, but somehow comforting.

My aunt has an addictive personality. She recently admitted to being addicted to all sorts of things-for a time before she picks up a new addiction. Thank goodness not drugs, but a whole range of things, from craving pizza and having it all the time, to her vicks inhaler, to french fries with ketchup and mayo - yeah weird things sometimes. I think I sort of have that too. I remember discovering the "Byron" sandwich at Bel Aire and having it week after week - ahh, honey mustard... Oh, and I used to order shrimp with basil at Thai Pavilion every time too, (before that it was chicken with tamarind sauce). I sometimes stop myself and try to order other things, but I think when you find something you like, you just indulge.

So last night I was congested with allergies, and my aunt handed me her new pot of Vicks.

"Here, you could keep it. I'm not into that anymore."

And with that, she passed it on to me.




k said...

i love that smell. it's so soothing. that and Eucalyptus oil.

Gata said...

Vicks is great. Not bad for migraines either.

I went through a terrible jelly bean phase. One root canal later and I've gotten over it, for the most part. Then there were the dark days of drinking Mountain Dew in the morning. No wonder I was so sick in 2000.

BonBon said...

Wow that 1st paragraph could've been taken from my childhood, too!
I remember trying to sleep but being awaken by fits of coughing, whereupon my mom would drag me to the bathroom and smear Vicks all over my chest. I was always half groggy and of course, sick, so it was always like a weird fuzzy dream with a marked scent.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

yo yo yo girl
we miss ya voice.
Have you nothing to say? Come on you in Floida...you can't be busy.
U know as a way to distract and relax and forget Astoria(not completly)---that 100 sketch project is fun. Its alittle challenging because when you reach only 8 and your 92 more to go---you realize how much u have to do. But its a splendid project. Cats got me paranoid to use the word great now.
Hey if you do it with me we can pretend we're playing ping pong.
If u were to do it what subject would you choose???? Could you find one item in which you could do 100 of? Then again in Florida you have so many different flowers and trees...or at the beach you can do 100 bellies? Or bugs!