May 10, 2007

You Sure Have Changed Since Yesterday...

Are you listening, Gwen?

Yesterday I went to the Gwen Stefani concert. The cool thing was, for a couple of songs which were hip-hopish...she would end in a hard-rock way...the drummer was banging the drums and the guitars were going...and even Anthony had to say that she should really be with her band. It's just not the same with these no-names (who she introduces by the way). And she stole the trumpeters from ND. I remember meeting one of them in New York when he was using a PAY PHONE. Lol. How long ago was that?

And even the songs that were slightly techno/dancy - when they played live with guitars they made sound a MILLION times better and I'm not just saying that because I like rock. I listen to about 5 songs on her album tops, the others are kind of just KILLS me when I know she could be with No Doubt and make quality records where people will actually take her music seriously.

You should see the audience...all they know is her pop stuff and when she sings a song she feels deeply about...people don't know the words and they sort of just stand and stare. It stinks for her, because she's singing something personal that means something to her...and they're just blank.

I KNOW she can tell the difference between ND concerts and her own. She kept asking people to sing along! In a No Doubt concert, we sing ALL the words and know ALL the songs. Gwen, if you're're cute and talented on your own, but please GO back to No Doubt!

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Gata said...

Loved the title of this post!

BTW, it was April 1998 when we saw the trumpeter. How that for long ago?

When she gets back with ND I'll be first in line. Till then, I'll save my money.