Jan 11, 2008

Cooking Mama 2

I have a Nintendo DS game where you cook and make stuff in...and it's pretty pathetic 'cause when I play it at night it makes me hungry. Doesn't help since I'm trying to lose a few. I'm not on an "official diet" because I love food too much, I'm just trying to avoid eating Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers at 10pm at Chilli's if I can avoid it. I'm also trying to curb my bad habit of eating cereal at night too. SIGH!

To offset my nighttime 4th meals, I joined the gym down the street. I like it a lot. The machines are new and uniform - all the same brand and color. (No mis-matched older machines like they had at the BQE...although I can't speak for the BQE in '08). The last time I was there this PT totally took over my workout and worked me out pretty good. That one was a freebie. I'd hate to find out how much they cost. It's addicting because you want to get into shape quickly and they push you harder then you would push yourself. But no, I can't afford it right now...


Gata said...

Wow, does the cooking game actually show you how to cook stuff or is like Guitar Hero?

Yeah, it's the night eating that really kills.

(Does your gym give you guest passes? Need even more excuses to get down to Florida!)

.:.marie.:. said...

You don't really learn how to cook, it's more for fun. It would be awesome if they gave you accurate recipes that you can duplicate in real life though! I'm sure the contents are accurate, they just don't give you measurements.

YES, I have a ton of guest passes. Come, join us!

bonnie said...

That's an interesting concept for a video game.
I think fast food's the WORST (although b/c we've been sick we've been ordering in a lot of Chinese, so I can't get too "prudence" on that level; but have you seen "Super Size Me"? Made me avoid McD's and similar joints like the plague).
But aah, good old cereal at night. That can't be too bad, can it? If it's a low sugar, healthy cereal w/lowfat milk?!! Please, no, that's like my favorite late-night snack!!! Yackackano!!!