Apr 28, 2008

Hibiscus Tea


This was the tea Anthony's mother kept making...it's called Rosa de Jamaica in spanish otherwise known as Hibiscus Tea. She would add some cinnamon and maybe another thing or two. It was absolutely soothing and wonderful. It's known for lowering blood pressure. I brought home a huge bag of it. When I made it at home, I may have steeped it too long because it was a deep red and tasted way too tart. But I will play around with the amounts and steep time to get it better. It makes for a nice bedtime tea when done right.


Gata said...

That sounds like a really cozy drink. Anything with cinnamon tends to be lovely. Try to put a little less of the herbs and stuff in the water, and then if it's too watery you can up the amount gradually. Also, don't steep too long.

Bonnie said...

Mmmm, sounds nice. Yeah, cinnamon adds a certain coziness to anything.