May 24, 2008

Last Weekend At NY/NJ

Doris, Saskia, Grandma & me.

Fun at the movies!
This pic came out blurry, but we were laughing hysterically as we were trying to do this high kick. :)
They're coming out with the Incredible Hulk - again. Are they just pretending the first one never happened?

Group picture!

Top: Me, Saskia, Bernie

Bottom: Ralph, Anabelle, Doris, Grandma, Joo Joo, Brianna, Nicky & Melvin


Bonnie said...

Nice pictures, looks like you had a lot of fun.

Yeah, what's up w/another Hulk movie? The poster always jolts me unpleasantly awake when I see it in the train in the morning; he looks scarier than Lou Farigno.

Gata said...

You have the most youthful family ever! Cute pics. Oh and your hair is really nice.

stevie- mono no aware said...

yup--like Gata said--in fact--i was freaking on your grandmother--------she looks so young---
how was the hulk?
i'll ask u again in real time...
i am tired........
your hair looks lovely ...and hate to disappoint ya--but u dont look 14...

more like 18---

.:.marie.:. said...

I know, my grandma looks awesome! :)

I didn't see the Hulk. I wouldn't see it. Looks dumb.

I looked younger when I first got my haircut, they blew it out really blunt looking. But when I do it, I curl the edges