Jun 20, 2008

My Flight Is On Time

I haven't heard that in quite a while when it comes to flying Jetblue on a Friday evening. The scenario is usually the same, I'm rushing home from work, doing a quick change of clothes plus a last rake of the litter before I'm off to the airport. But today it was slightly different. When I got on the highway at 5pm, there was no traffic. When I parked and walked to the bus stop, the Park & Ride bus was there...since I'm usually running late, I'm usually found sitting there for 10-15 minutes fidgeting and texting all my friends transferring my stress trying to pass the agonizing minutes.

Much to my dismay, I could not locate my headphones - and now JetBlue will charge for headphones on their flights. I didn't have any cash on me (who does nowadays?) so after getting through security (which wasn't flawless, my necklace made me beep) I headed to one of the shops to buy a cheap pair. Grrr...there wasn't any cheap pairs. The cheapest one was Sony $12.99 so I plunked the cash, I mean handed over the card and got to my seat in the waiting area.

Ironically, when I have 2-3 hours to kill if my flight is delayed due to weather (which was the case the last 10 times I've flown) the internet is down as well. Well this time, it's not. Hence the blog. :) I haven't blogged in a while, and all of a sudden ideas are coming to mind - but I really don't have much time now. I'll try to write...most of the time my mind draws a blank and I don't really feel inspired. Not that I don't have anything to say, I just don't have any direction.

I have my ipod, books, this laptop and of course the inflight tv. I should be very entertained. I'm going to be seated at 8B. Smack in the middle between 2 people. I hate being in the middle, but I couldn't help it. It was either sit in the middle and be near the front, or be all the way in the back with the noise, the bathroom constantly opening and closing and the bumps. Yes, you feel more bumps in the back just like being in the back of a bus. And no, I'm not imagining it. I'll be fine as long as they don't know each other and are constantly talking over me.

I heard in past reports, of air carriers making it possible for us to talk on our cellphones in flight in the near future. Although I might like the fact that I can text on board, but I don't want some next to me yakking their brains out. So I hope that doesn't happen anytime soon. There are some people who also like not being reachable. I couldn't care either way. I just like a few moments of peace - it's irritating, someone talking loudly next to you...their conversations are NEVER interesting. It's almost as bad as someone eating next to you. Ha ha ha (evil laugh). I'm in the middle, and I bought a Oriental Chicken Salad (yum) that has a strong smell, but is really good. They're going to have to deal with it!

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Gata said...

Love this whole stream of thought post...like we're walking around with you as you get your earphones and eat in the middle seat.