Aug 3, 2008

Travel Woes

I've flown 21 flights on JetBlue since 2006. I've always been a loyal fan and with good reason. You can't beat their $69 buck specials. They also have Direct TV on their flights so you can spend your flying time flipping through channels...and since most of my flights have been weekend flights, it was a great way to have some downtime after a hectic work week. Their crew members are friendly and more than happy to give you more than one snack should you ask for one. But lately...there has been some changes in the flying industry, and they've affected my favorite airline! The prices aren't as low as they used to be, and for the first time ever, I'm researching other airlines to find better deals. First of all, they started charging for things. It started with the headsets, they used to be free, now they're $1.00. Okay, no big deal. But then they started charging for checking in a 2nd bag. I haven't needed to check in 2 bags, so I haven't been inconvenienced by that one yet, and I use my own headphones so it doesn't affect me. They've also started to charge for certain seats that have more leg room...grr. The way that affects me, is when I choose my seats, I have less choices. I usually like being closer to the front, and the majority of those seats cost $20 more, so it's back of the bus for me!

Anthony found a site that searches 33 travel sites simultaneously, ( and happily for me, I've been able to find the best deal for my future travels. Unfortunately, it's not with JetBlue. So no leather seats and personal televisions. Sigh. So, I'll have to bring a book for this one...but at least I'm saving some money!


Gata said...

I don't know how airlines are making any money, what with people being more afraid of flying than ever before - not because of safety issues, but it's just too expensive!

Et tu, Jet Blue? Sorry you have to miss out on your favorite airline - maybe your flight will be on time this time! Between an ipod and a book (maybe a mag too), you'll do just fine.

.:.marie.:. said...

If I can do the 8 hour to and from Barcelona w/o personal TV, then I'm sure I'll be fine catching up on reading. :)

It just really stinks how expensive it's getting to fly.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, the airlines are going crazy! Nothing comes w/o an extra fee: food, baggage, blankets, pillows, even water! This year, we're just taking trips we can drive to (although w/gas prices, is it really all that cheaper?) That's it, I'm buying a horse! ;) Life in this system is definitely getting more expensive.