Oct 26, 2012

Invisalign Refinements

Anyone out there have refinements done? How many trays were you assigned?  I'm worried now, about the tooth that won't come down.  There is a gap there.  I was told practically everyone at my office got a set of refinements and I'm just worried about how many I'm gonna get.  I googled it and I noticed some people were assigned refinements midway.  My doctor does it at the end.  I don't know which is better.  Probably his way, because then we get to just work on the teeth that weren't "moved" properly.  I'm beginning to think maybe getting a full metal mouth, wouldn't have been so bad, because a true year having them is a true year! With Invisalign, treatment can go on and on depending on how good you are with wearing them.

Just ranting!  Any comments would be helpful!

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