Mar 27, 2013

Completed 23/23 Invisalign Trays!

Meant to post saying I was on my LAST tray but didn't have a chance!  WOW did time fly or what?  So today completed two weeks being on tray 23!  Went to the Orthodontist office where they shaved off the "bump" attachments and re-scanned my mouth for refinement trays.  What does that mean?  Well most people need some extra trays to get it just right.  Although my teeth are now straight, there are perhaps a few that can be straightened just a bit more.  Looking at my teeth I can see at least one that needs to be put more in line with rest...but if I were to stop here I would be VERY happy!  I've always had crooked lower teeth but now seeing top and bottom straightened out, it has done wonders for my smile!

They then told me, that I will wear aligner #23 at nighttime only for 1 month until my refinements come in.  What whaaa?  I'm done with wearing them during the day? Partayyy!

Just how many refinement trays I will get will be a surprise.  They re-scanned my entire mouth like I said earlier, then they send them to the Invisalign company and in 3-4 weeks I will get my new trays.  I'm hoping to get no more than 8, which would be about 16 more weeks of trays.  If I get like 5 or 6, I'll be very happy!    So let's see.  It's hard to imagine getting 6 months or more after doing almost a year of trays (and teeth looking pretty much straight already) but whatever they give me will be worth getting the perfect results that I'm paying for!

Feels good not to have the bump attachments on!  And not wearing the trays during the day is nice...although I want to wear them for at least part of the day to keep them in line!  LOL.  Will let you know how many refinement trays I get!

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