May 8, 2013

Invisalign Refinements

So much to my dismay, I was assigned 19 trays for my Invisalign Refinements.  I was also given IPR the day I got them in like 4 spots.  So I'm looking at another 38 weeks with Invisalign Braces.  It's worth it, to get it RIGHT (since I paid a lot)...but hate that it's going to take over a half a year more and that's assuming I don't need anymore refinements after this.  Ah well.  Plus side is that since my teeth are straight, the new trays don't hurt...they are doing small adjustments every two weeks so it's good I won't be feeling much discomfort, just a teeny bit of barely noticeable tightness!


anon said...

Did you have to get more attachments for the refinements? How did it turn out after the refinements?

Marie Antoinette said...

I did NOT get new attachments. After the refinements, I was not assigned anymore trays! I only wear Invisalign at night now! Glad it's over!