Apr 19, 2005

Let's Go On A Cruise!

Hey guys, let's go on a cruise! LOL.

Norwegian Dawn

Can you believe that the Norwegian Dawn was the last cruise that I've been on??? (August '04) It was the best cruise I've ever taken. The food and ship were spectacular. And ironically, I was on Deck 10 - the wave was that high.

I can't believe that freak wave hit that boat! What happened to re-routing?

The question is:

Will I ever cruise again?

You betcha!

Will I have a fear of freak 70 foot waves hitting the boat when I go to sleep at night?

No doubt!

Will I down that extra martini?


Dawn - Me in front of ship

1 comment:

Gata said...

It's the Love (to barf) Boat now!