May 4, 2005

"Another One Bites The Dust"


My kitties caught another mouse yesterday. This was the 2nd one in a few weeks. I knew they had a mouse because when I came home, they didn't come to the door to greet me. Instead, they were engrossed, eyes fixated on Anthony's shoe which contained the little grey culprit. Why in the world am I getting mice? We never had mice before!

Anyway, Anthony and I sat and watched (well I watched on top of a bench while Anthony tried to take video clips with the digital camera) Max play, flip and toss the little mouse to death. Literally. It was barely hobbling when we came, and we watched it slowly die. Pleasant right? I felt like I was in a colosseum. No, not really. My stomach was turning in the end when my baby Isabel nibbled on the feet. Ick!


Gata said...

I can't believe you shared that dead mouse picture! I almost died! It looks cute!

Bonnie said...

poor mouse