May 19, 2005


I got home last night from a jog in Astoria Park and the cats were outside. I left them there and went about my activities. I was on the phone when I heard a loud noise from outside. All of a sudden, Anthony jolted toward the door. I realized at that point that the cats were fighting. Those were cat-in-battle screams. I hung up and went outside fearing the worst. I saw the black and white cat (neighborhood cat), run towards the back. Anthony came towards me, and Max and Isabel were by the steps. I asked who was fighting and were any of them hurt. Anthony said Max and Isabel were fighting for real. I said what about the black and white cat? Anthony said he wasn't fighting. Anthony said Isabel had Max cornered, and she was the aggressor. Then we inspected Max and saw that he was wet by his back legs. It must have been the black and white cat that sprayed Max, and Isabel somehow got in between and started fighting with Max since he had that smell on him. We took them both inside and gave them a bath. Max was good, Isabel was the devil.

The next morning, we noticed Max wasn't sleeping in our bed. So we went outside and he was sleeping in his cat bed. Anthony went and pet him, and when he stroked his thigh, Max whimpered. Then he got up and limped to the bedroom. I am so worried. He wasn't limping the night before...I hope he didn't break or sprain anything. Anthony said he probably pulled a muscle or something.

If he doesn't improve by tomorrow I'm going to take him to the vet. I just feel so bad for him. He was hiding under the bed before I left for work.

The anxiety I get for these animals is just unreal.

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Gata said...

Poor Maxie! He's such a mush.