Nov 24, 2005

Taking Tea With Catherine

This past weekend, it was nice to get away...especially with a friend. Catherine accompanied me to West Palm Beach. We haven't traveled together in soooo long - since England. Wow. Anyway, it was Cathy's first domestic flight & first time taking off from LaGuardia Airport. It was a good flight with good TV. We landed pretty late, like 12:30 and we took a cab to the house. We quickly shed our jackets, and were greeted with warm air and a light misting of rain. That night I was excited, so I cleaned all three toilets. (They were not really dirty, but they had water stains from the stagnant water).

The next morning the bright sun woke me up (I need curtains desperately!) so I embarked on another project, cleaning the melted chocolate ice cream from the freezer from when the power was out. (Thanks, Wilma). I also struggled with putting in a water filter in the refrigerator for the water/ice maker. Afterwards, we showered, got dressed to the nines and went out to tea. I was kinda nervous driving around with expired temporary plates, but I paid no mind. This tea house was very quaint (there's that word again) and smelled like an old apartment while still maintaining the charm of a quiet tea room. There were many tea rooms, and we were placed in the "Green Room." At first Cathy wasn't feeling well, but as the tea was poured and the little finger sandwiches were brought in I could see she was feeling better. Or maybe the drugs were kicking in. I enjoyed the sandwiches, it was after 1 and we were starving so we daintily wolfed them down while sipping on tea. I had Strawberry Black tea and Cathy, or Catherine (her tea name) had Darjeeling. After that, we took pictures in the garden (or gizarden) and since I didn't have a digital camera on me (shame!) I snapped this shot with my phone:


After that, I got my license surrendered at the DMV - and shred my last part of my New York identity! I know I sound dramatic, but I was actually very sad. Then we went to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall and the shopaholic (you know who you are) did not buy a thing. Very proud of her.

This trip was pleasant, the weather was beautiful and just as we were settling in vacation was time to go home! I was really enjoying my Senseo coffee maker too! (The coffee pods beat scooping and measuring).


Oh well, until next time!

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Gata said...

Ahhhh...a very cozy tea memory. And coffee, that Senseo was fabulous!