May 4, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

Sorry, I haven't written anything in a while. I am in sunny Florida, but I've been working from home, 9-5 everyday and my boss has been keeping me busy. By the time 5 rolls around I don't even want to see the computer. I have the business lines forwarded to me as well. I have been mostly a homebody...and I know that I have to do something physical in the mornings like run or go to this tiny gym that we have in the community. Usually in the morning I get up around 8, make breakfast and coffee and sit outside by the patio for a couple of minutes.

This morning is a different story, I get called from my old boss who's starting a different business and needs help when it comes to my knowledge of shipping. It's already 9 and I have to start work....and I haven't had breakfast. (Growl)

Steph, I must say I never tried that 100 sketch project. How I wish to be creative again! What I really liked in college (it's a little weird) was life drawing. Except for that one guy who spoke to me before class a lot, and when the class started, I found out he was the subject. Ew. I don't want to know they are actual people, isn't that horrible! We had this cool older lady more than once. She was cool because she looked nice, and she was so sweet, she would go around and complement your drawing. I would hear her say, "My belly's not that big" "Ooh, I like how you draw me!" She was a cool person.

I have to get to the beach one day...and just watch the ocean. They always say that once you move to a place that has the ocean in your backyard, you hardly go. I don't want that to happen to me. I need nature!

I can draw all the ants that are invading my house.

Good job, Steph you got me to write!


Gata said...

Good to have you back! Life's a beach!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

What a pun!
That is neat being able to continue your work relocated. Is it easy to do the 9-5 in the comfort of your home? Or do you opt for 10-6? Do u get dressed as for work? I heard its best to do so, so that you do not slack off but recognize it as work. Well at least you never have to worry about missing any parcels delivered. Nevertheless, do be aware of the fat factor of being at home. Can you have an exercise bike at your desk? ;) How can I get a job like that? What work do you do anyway?
It sounds so pleasant being able to sit on a porch to get you prepared for the day. What is your view?
Am I asking too many questions?
What time is it in Africa?
Hey an option for life drawing—your man while he is lounging in front of the tube. You best get him before he develops the middle age handles thus joining the elite belly brigade. And darling once the bulge develops… inspiration to sketch it—just is not there.

.:.marie.:. said...

It's easy to do 9-5 from home because I can just roll out of bed. I need to have a routine, get out in the morning or I'd feel cooped up. This morning I was drinking my coffee while sitting outside, and I must say it is good for the nerves. I do get dressed, so that I don't feel like a bum. I just put on jeans, I don't dress like I'm in an office.

I need to wake up early and exercise! I don't want to become fat America! Maybe I'll get a pilates dvd or something. Do it for a couple of days until I get bored.

My little enclosed porch area is on the back, right side of the house. My view is a man made lake, which is sort of neglected on my side...the water is sort of receeding. But it's nice anyway.

I love the elite belly brigade thing you came up with. Yeah, must draw before it reaches that point. Ha ha. I'm so inspired now to do something artistic.

Today I'm going to that lovely restuarant on the marina with the pelicans. Can't wait! Fridays are usually dead days when it comes to work.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Be sure to take pics !