May 8, 2006

My Trip From DC - Been Meaning To Post These For A Long Time

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Gata said...

It's the Filipino Angels!

BonBon said...

WAY fun pictures!!!
Gotta love Filipinos. We met a bunch in Hawai'i, and although this is a stereotype, it's a positive one so I think it's ok...Filipinos are so beautiful and friendly and down to earth. I love the top pic of your Grandma...really cute!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Hope home land security doesn't start spying the philipino angels ;0
neat sky jump catch.
ditto on Bons comment. Theres no argument there.

k said...

lol those pictures are all awesome. i can see you had an incredible time.

& I don't know who thought it would be impressive, but the washington memorial is really really hard to take seriously.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Kris---u said what I was thinking. Well the representation of a man somehow is more of an empowering sculpture then a woman--