Jun 15, 2006


I've been MIA from this blog for a while...Not because of being
terribly busy, but because I spend the whole day on the
computer, and when I get home I'm just not in the mood.
Yesterday Gata & I went to Mundo, this really cute open sort
of restaurant in Astoria (you have to say "Astoria" the way the
Manhattanites do...Like with a question mark). It was really
nice because you could get away with not spending a lot if you
wanted to. I like the chicken thing I got.

I do miss being in Florida. I got so used to everything there...I
made friends and was a total beach bum. There was just no
better way to spend a warm day, then to take a dip and then
nap on the sand. It's much better on the nerves. Here in NY, I
noticed immediately after I landed how much it stinks - literally!
The air quality is really bad here and I don't mean to sound
like a snob because I really love the city, but DANG (yes I said
dang). Ha ha. The weather now is getting better, but it does
not feel one bit like June! I'd say it feels more like going into
fall. But whatever. A sticky, muggy city ain't fun anyway.

I have a friend looking after the house, and I hear my ant
problem is getting worse. Gotta call Terminix again. These
darn ants were making paths and taking over! I got the house
sprayed and it nixed the problem...For a little while anyway. I
left all my fun summery clothes in Florida, and have reason to
shop, ha. Ooh...gotta tell you about Shoe Carnival. Don't be
fooled by it's simplistic, corny name! This place was
awesome! I got 4 pairs of shoes for under $60. And two were
well known name brands! (Nine West & Aerosoles). So I
couldn't bring myself to spend $40 on a sandal in NY. As bad
as I do need a pair...Because I am wearing out this one pair
that I have that goes w/ almost anything I wear.

So that's the 411 peeps. LOL....


k said...

word to NYC's bad air quality.

i literally got a nosebleed (something that never never happens to me) after I got back from Michigan and it continued on and off for the rest of the day.

we're all going to die of lung cancer.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

For some reason ants freak me out because they come in hordes...argh...to kill one roach as opposed to hundreds of ants--mega crunch !
When I was in florida I got five pairs of shoes for $100 at the Rockport outlet.(sawmill mall or something like that) And they were cool shoes not fartsy walking shoes. But 60 for 4 pairs is a deal.
* so you're becoming a beach bum---have you checked out the beaches in south beach Miami--I was really impressed.
How do yours rate to Ny beaches...need I ask? R they crowded? Do u have to pay?
Ny and LA were rated for worse air quality. When I come back from anywhere out of here I get sad immediately upon seeing the concrete jungle-
JPs niece is now in Florida with my parents ---she was suppose to stay here with us and work at cafe but u know how that goes---do u remember her? JoAnna--Jason does.

.:.marie.:. said...

Lung Cancer - lol. We're going to all have a hole put in our throats...ew that commercial is nasty.

In answer to Steph's questions, yes I checked out south beach. I really don't like it there. The restaurant blocks are crowded...and is literally just ten blocks or so...nothing compared to the night life of NY. The beaches are free for the most part...except for MacArthur beach (will post pics soon) My new favorite beach because it is a nature preserve. You have to take a long wooden bridge to get to the beach, and you can see flying fish. I never saw that in my life! It looks like a private jungle beach...it's cool. Water is rocky though....

I remember JoAnna! She was a shy little girl....I know Jason remembers her because I remember he was singing to her "voulez vous dance avec moi?" LOL!!!!!!!!!

Gata said...

I would love to see that nature beach. So tranquil...

something about driving from LGA or JFK...instant depression. I don't cry or anything. Just feel sulky. Blah.