Jul 18, 2006

What To Do On A 6 Hour Flight?

Hey guys, looking for suggestions on what to do on a LONG flight. I fly tomorrow to LA and have not taken a long flight since going to London some years back. I will have tv, but that gets old after a while. I will bring my ipod, a book (Jasper-Thursday #3), and a notebook to write although I have limited privacy with people probably sitting on my right & left. Oh, I'm also a crappy sleeper on planes. My boss wants to do some work so I'll be praying for that laptop battery to die-ha ha.

Here are some suggestions I saw on someone else's blog:

- Make the whole plane sing school bus songs
- Force the person next to you to play a game of go fish (or maybe mini checkers).
- Seduce the pilot
- Wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m with stupid.”
- Make sure you’re sitting in such a way that it points toward your seat mate.
- Play chess by yourself and act completely upset when you make a good move.
- Read a book upside down.
- Bubble wrap. Lots and lots of bubble wrap. Pop them slowly… one… at… a… time.
- Bring a kazoo.
- Two words: “Paddle Ball”.



Gata said...

For me, a good flight is all about the mags. The glossies really get your mind of the flight, as you look at all the colors and textures.

The best time to take a long flight is late August. When I went to Peru - 9 hours total - I had the fall fashion issues of Vogue, InStyle, and WWD. You obsess about shopping and visualize your closet at home and PRESTO! The flight is over.

Slip your boss a mickey. (no, not really)

BonBon said...

Glossy mags are always fun (as Gata suggested)...also, the new release? Maybe you've finished it already...I just started it; I'd love a good flight to just sit and finish it.
I even find looking out the window at the landscape to be really fun (if you're by the window, anyway).

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Watch the tv map on your location while you must upon your life.
Actually knitting is perfect. By the end of the flight you have a practical result of long hours in flight. Actully you are only allowed a crochet needle made of wood or plastic. knitting neddles are not allowed. I learned that the hard way. Porr old ladies can't even fly in peace.
What ever you do---don't ponder upon the fact that you are air borne in some super sonic heavy metallic device---its sure to cause a panic attack. (again I learned this the hard way...);)
U can also jog around the aisles. Or see what reactions you get from you seat partners as you get up and return on multiple bathroom visits. Speaking of which ---is Anthony going? ;) I hear........

.:.marie.:. said...

Steph, were you about to suggest something naughty? LOL...

Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if I can pick up some glossies and I will try to finish the new book.

I have completely forgot how to knit after Karin's knitting class!

I'll try, although it is hard - not to think I am airborne in a hunk of metal! A mechanical device that can fail at any time...lol.

k said...

Bring one of those portable hand-held games (like a Gameboy or something) and start playing Pokemon with that annoying pitchy, MIDI music blasting really loud.