Jul 22, 2006

Under The Bridge

Dag. L.A. is full of bums! They must have the highest concentration of bums, 'cause they're everywhere. And they ask - not for a quarter, or a dollar - but $5 dollars! Could you believe it?

Well, the flight here was good. A cute little girl who spoke french & english sat next to me. She immediately made me her friend. She got annoying after a while, but she was very cute. I thought I would feel very trapped for 6 hours, but I guess I geared myself up mentally for the long haul and it seemed to go by fairly painless. Flying over the Grand Canyon was SO cool!

I haven't done any sightseeing, but I can tell you California is overrated. Well, let me NOT speak too soon. I'm sure the other parts must be lovely. Coming from a big city like New York, L.A. is tiny in comparison. And I was quite surprised that they did not have as much food variety as we do, and they don't have deli's like New York does. I had an afternoon snack craving and asked someone where a deli was. As I saw them scratching their head and staring blankly, I said to myself: uh-oh. Yes, we New Yorkers are very spoiled with our conveniences.

I must come back and visit other places. Oh yeah, the first day I was here, I went to this place across my hotel called "Leaf" It was this vegan place, and I saw a sign where it had pictures saying no beef, chicken, egg, and I saw a picture of a flame with them also. I was bewildered, but too tired to ask. Well, I ordered and received my food - it was cold. Turns out that flame picture, meant they don't cook their stuff either. It's a vegan place where they eat food raw. So the "pasta alfredo" I ordered? Was actually made of shredded squash. Man, I was so zonked out and so hungry, I ate as much as I could (even though it was not that appetizing). Next time I go there, it would be for a smoothie or wheatgrass shot. I like my food warm.


k said...

the company I work for hosts a lot of events in L.A. so some of my co-workers have to travel there on a regular basis. They always tell me that L.A. is extremely overrated and basically dead compared to N.Y.

The weather was probably nice though. My dad always tells me about the perfect weather in Cali...hot but not muggy like it is here.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I stayed quiet when you mentioned LA. JP and I did not like it. Thought the southern areas are nice like Laguna beach etc...and San diego. The northern part of Califoria is where Califorian living is easy.

.:.marie.:. said...

Yeah, next time I visit, I must go to the nicer parts. LA sucked. Plus it was all work and no play for me....

everyone-counts said...

The poor are a test to see if the rich have a heart, and Hollyweird
fails the test.