Mar 9, 2007

Here's Some Pics From The Last Few Days....

My cousin Ralph

My cousin Gaelle

We all ate at Chow King, this 24 hour place late at night.

This was at the mall, I had to take this pic for Gata.

Another pic that I had to take for Gata, the Mc Rice Burger! If you get to travel to any other country, you will see the menu is slightly adjusted. Remember the Mc Donalds bean burger in London?

This is where we are staying in Iloilo. My cousin's apartment close to their college.

We went to this little zoo....

I have to take more street pictures. I video taped. You see lots of kids walking by themselves on the road, and lots of people on one motorcycle. It's funny.


stevie- mono no aware said...

What a beautiful and special expereince for you and your family.
Your mom must be really sentimental there?

I heard from Malvinda that they do that too in india with the motors...four at a time. Thats pratical.

keep taking picture of food stuff...yum yum

Gata said...

Wow you found a "funny tea room name" all the way over there!

I thought of Bon's India video with a clip of like four guys on one bike. You rarely see that many people in a CAR in the US.

Sounds like a nice time so far!

.:.marie.:. said...

My mom has been sentimental from some foods...particularly the Red Ribbon bakery shop. We are visiting the house she grew up in on Wednesday. Not sure how she'll react.

BonBon said...

Those pictures are so beautiful; wish I was there!!!
Yeah, In India I saw 4 guys on one motorbike and women riding on the back of a motorbike in their saris(sidesaddle) with kids and everything (no helmets: aah!). And the funniest item (I thought) on the McDonald's in India was the McAloo Tikki (spicy potato burger!) Sad how McDonald infiltrates every country...
But anyway, thanks for sharing some of your amazing experience with us; I am so happy that you are finally able to get to know some of your family better. How's your mom taking it all?

Gata said...

I don't (anymore)go to McDonald's in the US. I do like to go there at least once when I'm out of the country. It's such a funky experience. In England it's almost health food compared to their usual English Breakfasts. They do Indian type stuff there too.

Still coveting your trip.