Mar 8, 2007

I'm In The Philippines....

I'm in a town called: Iloilo (Pronounced: Ee-loo-ee-loo)

I took 4 planes to get was grueling.

My flights were:

NJ to Seattle
Seattle to Taipei
Taipei to Manila
Manila to Iloilo

I slept a lot on the planes, and once in the airport when we had a long layover. So when I arrived, I was alert and awake. I slept the first night and thought that I had a smooth transition into the time zone. But today I messed things up. Today we drove around and went to the mall. Upon our return, my grandmother was tired, so we all lay down for a while and were talking. Well, we all fell asleep and stayed asleep for over 7 hours. Basically we slept the night in US time, but the entire afternoon and evening in Philippine time. When I woke up I was so mad. Now, it's past 4am and everyone is sleeping. I am wide awake. I have to sleep somehow, otherwise tomorrow I'm going to be dead.

Other than this fiasco, I'm enjoying myself! I finally met my two other cousins, Gaelle and Ralph whom I haven't met ever. That's exciting. I'm enjoying feeding the wild cats outside our leftovers...they are our garbage disposals. I tried to grab one orange kitten, but to no avail. I'm too lazy to connect my camera to post pictures right now, but I will put some pictures up in the next day or two. As long as I'm at my cousin's house, I'll have Internet access so I better take advantage.

Anyway, that's it for now! Goodnight/afternoon-whatever!


Gata said...

I hate jet lag!

Have fun and grab a kitty!

stevie- mono no aware said...

What an adventure! Carpie diem to the tenth degree. Jet lag is a the time you do adjust to their timezone...which is what????? a day ahead or behind? you'll be readjusting here. Sleep deprivation is like an natural long as you don't collapse. ;)ENJOY!!!! and forget sleep. Just kidding.

BonBon said...

I love the name: Iloilo. How could you ever get tired of saying that one?
Do you have any pictures of the kitty "garbage disposals"?