Jun 25, 2007

It's Vain & Unecessary...I Know

Summer is here, and especially where I'm at - you really feel it. The sun can be brutal, so I find myself hiding out indoors. I will make it a point to keep sunblock in the car, because I actually got a sunburn a couple weeks ago and I'm shedding like a snake. I hate it.

The hotter it is, the less you wear and although tanks, shorts & summer dresses are all fun and beachy - you have to constantly keep up with shaving. I am so sick of it.

So whenever I hear those ads about laser hair removal...I am SO tempted. Those days of being 13 and loving shaving (because of feeling grown-up, ha ha) are OVER!


Bonnie said...

Yeah, I've actually considered it, too. People always say: "You're blonde, you can get away w/o shaving," but believe me, I know when I haven't shaved and it feels icky. But I really do wonder if we were made to shave, or if the whole thing is unnatural (esp. when I get ingrown hairs/shave bumps). But the shave goes on.

.:.marie.:. said...

Stubble feels nasty! I don't think we were made to shave. It's our culture that makes us go plucking/shaving/waxing/lasering crazy!

k said...

We're meant to have hair. Actually, the hair follicle is one of many places that is responsible for releasing pheromones. Since Laser actually deadens the hair follicle, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have severe skin problems and can't find other means. Or, move to some parts of Europe :)

Gata said...

Anything is better than waxing.

stevie- mono no aware said...

girls...TWEEZE them!
I know it takes a while...but it last and now...i am at the point where i do not have to pluck so much.(my legs only) I use to do my underarms but it was taking too much time and hurting my neck, contorting to perform.
but beleive me.....my legs don't need anything anylonger but an occasional pluck.

.:.marie.:. said...

Hmm...I can't see myself tweezing for hours on end...what about an Epilady? Fusion of plucking & machine.