Jul 18, 2007

See You Later Alligator!

I should be sick of seeing Gators by now. Truth is, I'm not. This is my 4th time seeing Gators,(first time in a new place) and 2nd airboat ride. I also caught a gator show after the airboat ride, where this crazy guy w/ missing fingers (wonder how he lost them?) pointed out the many facts about alligators whilst sitting on top of it. When that gator would snap his mouth, you would hear the hollow sounding chomp...I am just so glad I didn't witness the death of the rest of his fingers. Jalitza and I got to hold a baby gator, as you'll see in the pictures below. :)

That same weekend, the night before we went to the beach late at night to look for Loggerhead turtles coming out of the sea and laying eggs. We basically camped in one spot and stayed quiet while some members of our group went looking for one. When they found one, we would come near and camped. We watched as she started digging, then she would move up and keep moving up until she hit the grass. When she decided she didn't like the area, she turned around and headed back to shore. We all surrounded her at that point, and were just in AWE at how large she was and so amazed at the Loggerhead turtle's seasonal ritual. She stopped at times to catch her breath, then gaining more confidence as she touched water, she disappeared into the ocean as we tried searching for her with our flashlights. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing that. For those that haven't seen anything like it, I suggest you definitely do. Nature is never boring and there are some pleasures in life that are still free.

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Gata said...

I still don't know if I could pick up a gator, but it does sound like a fun time.