Dec 12, 2007


I sprained my finger! For the first time in my life, I sprained something. I've never broke or sprained anything in my life. In all my years of playing sports, you'd thing something like that would've happened already. Anyway, it all happened tossing a football around. I always played basketball, or volleyball or tennis, so I should have known with football, that I would kill my clean accident record. Anyway, the sun was in my eyes and the ball was coming toward me. Gaining momentum, instead of me catching it, it smashed into my left middle finger. It was painful, but the rest of the day didn't really bother me until the next morning when it was really really swollen. I got it checked out, nothing broken. You could imagine how comical I look wearing a splint on my middle finger. I only take it off to type (I have it off right now). It's a lot better and should improve by next week.


bonnie said...

Ouch! At least it wasn't the hand you write with. I once got a really bad cut on my right middle finger and had this huge bandaging wrapped around it; it looked pretty conspicuous, what with being my middle finger and all...
Hope you heal quickly.

Gata said...

You must look so Gene Wilder at the end of the first Producers!

Seriously, Marie, I know you're in the Gata Fan Club, but must you stalk my injuries as well? I just sprained my ankle two months ago, and you couldn't let me be the only kid on the block with injuries. I just don't know about you. Hey, don't give me the finger!