Nov 5, 2008

Back Home

I did NOT take pics on this unfortunate. I've been meaning to take pics of NY...because in all my life living there I don't think I have decent city shots. This visit was different, because it's colder now - and I rode the subway a lot. I don't know, I used to like the subway...not really love it, but I didn't mind it so much. Now, I'm not a big last train ride I was smooshed up against people - not a great feeling at all. Welcome to NYC!

Gata and I did see an actress in the city...she is better known as the lead actress in First Knight with Heath Ledger...Shannyn Sossamon. Her son was with her and he had this annoying microphone thingy that made his voice sound robotic. I almost died when Gata texted me that she did a wiki on her and found out her son's name was "Audio Science" so he's really living up to his name! LOL...

Tonight I went to this grand opening of a Mexican, drinks and dessert were FREE. It was great. Not everyday you get to eat for free!

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Gata said...

I actually think some of the best NYC pics are taken in the cold weather. OOh, especially in B&W.

Free Mexican food...jealous! I know they're not Mexican, but were there any Mojitos?