Nov 25, 2008


As you blog is pink. For now. I find it strange that although I'm a female, I don't have a love for pink like other girls do. I wonder if it is fed by parents...that if there were a choice, the boy would automatically get the blue item, and the girl pink. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the boy should be given pink...but society might be an influence in color preference. I like blue. I was in no way, shape or form influenced to like pink...(although the barbies I played with had a lot of pink outfits, pink accessories, etc). I mean, did the car or dream house ever come in a different color? My favorite color is blue...I've decided. My room is blue, and a lot of my tops I noticed are aqua blue. Maybe it's because it goes better with my skin, I don't know. It sort of makes me feel weird that I'm not a pink person because pink represents femininity...I mean, could you even imagine Victoria's Secret w/o the pink and red hues? Look at their clothing line: "PINK" They didn't just pick a color from a hat! The very word represents femininity. Well, At least they have a variety of other colors! Oh well! Guess it's time for me to pick a new blog template, LOL.


Gata said...

Yes, your blog does suddenly remind me of a VS store. Hi, I'd like to redeem this coupon for a free panty? LOL.

So were we all right at that second bridal shower when we all ended up getting you blue negligees? Wow, this is the most I've ever discussed lingerie online.

.:.Marie.:. said...

Actually for that, I tend to prefer basic black. Ha ha ha.

I actually do love VS's PINK line of pj's and's just fun and multicolored. My favorite are the panties that say PINK when they're not. LOL.

Bonnie said...

I've always unabashedly liked the color pink...although my favorite color is also blue.

Gata said...

You don't blog no mo'?