Jun 11, 2009

Can I Just NOT Work Today...& EVERYDAY?

I'm sick of work, I'm sick of money, I'm sick of bills...I just don't wanna anymore. I haven't been the only one singing this tune lately. I think because life got harder, we all just want to throw in the towel. Do we really have to keep paying our bills? The cost of living ever increases. And THEN, I get this travel itch…there are sooo many places I’d like to go. I want to visit friends; I have friends in so many states and countries. Want to do a month long road trip. See places. I’m sick of the everyday hustle. I’m sick of the stress. Do I really have to pop a kid to be a housewife? I just want to stay home…I think I’ll be happy…I’ll wake up, study, clean house…take a class in something. Sure it might get boring. Sure I might even miss working. Wish I could just work whenever I wanted to vs. needing to.

Today I woke up feeling so blah. Sure I can make my own hours for work…but if I’m not working, there’s a guilt that looms over me. Maybe I should just take this day…take it and do what I want with it. Oh…the woes of being an adult!

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Gata said...

It's the travel thing that gets to me too. It seems there's not enough time to travel, unless of course you lose your job, and then there's no money. Wait. There's really no money either way. And mooching is out of the question.

Just sick of it all.